NT - What wallets are hoding your plastic?

Joined Dec 3, 2007
Around 2002 Oakley released this wallet. It was the greatest wallet. It lived with me for a long long time. I didn't mind pulling all the cards out to shuffle through them. I could tell which card was where by their color...then it broke. I found another one on the bay, but it didn't last as long. Now the mesh is gone.

How do you all stay keeping your paper or plastic?


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Joined Jul 21, 2012
I've had this black Kenneth Cole since 07...
Thinkin about making a change tho

Wallet has held up well, still in good condition
Joined Aug 1, 2009
A gucci wallet that a millionaire's son gave to me. Its nice but its falling apart.

I want to grab me a kawatako though :pimp:
Joined Feb 5, 2009
A thin (but built Ford tough) brown TUMI joint.

:lol: Damn thing is like a Carhartt (and I LOVE Carhartt).

It has the padding inside and all that.
Joined Jul 20, 2012
Currently using this. got it as a gift. Thinking of upgrading soon too big and bulky and common

Really want a hand tooled leather wallet like this
Joined Sep 16, 2003
One my grandmother gave me for Christmas a few years ago. Its falling about though. Who should I look at for getting a wallet that will last me 10 years?
Joined Mar 2, 2013
Right now I've got a black leather bifold from fossil w/ an ID holder that comes out. It holds up very well. I've had it for years and don't need to replace it. Thinking about copping the bad mofo wallet from pulp fiction though.
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