Nt, what was the longest you've waited for a chick for dinner?

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So im in a restaurant waiting for a chick at 715. She told me she was on her way....it is now 740. Should i dip?I've been talking too her for about a month btw.
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Leave, with the little dignity you have left.
She's been getting piped for the last half hour.
When asked if she had plans for the night her reply was "Nah, just some dude waiting to pay for my dinner. HNS tonight, can you?"
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I'd at least get up and chill in the car or something like I wasn't there all that time.

I waited 2 hours at this chick's place one time, I was there but she was getting ready the entire time and her roommate with her boyfriend/friends let me in...only thing that kept me there was the fact the UNC game wasn't close to starting but I got wrapped up in the Villanova Final Four game back in 09, I would've been gone somewhere quick otherwise, nothing was going down with everyone there and 2 hours...2 *@*%%$@ hours...+@!*?

anyway dude, don't count her out completely but I'd at least get up and un-occupy yourself, kinda let things go as you want because right now things are kinda on her time. +@!* that.


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Nothing like picking her and dropping her off,

Just leave, broad is probably playing you.
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wait a min how old are yall? why didn't you just wait at home and when she's ready you can go pick her up.
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Eat and order a lavish meal then "go to the bathroom", in other words leave and stick her with the bill
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Leave. I'm not sure if you were definitely going to pipe before or if your a nice guy but either way, leaving will make her want you more. Don't even tell her to forget about it. It sounds counterintuitive but that's how the female species operate. You'll thank me when you're digging in them loins.
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She doesn't respect your time if she hasn't gotten in contact with you. Leave now.
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