NT, What You Sitting On?

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Post your computer chairs.

I seem to have bad luck with leather chairs that have worse quality leather than Jordan retros these days..

They end up just looking
because they just peel away as time goes by, so I'm looking into getting a new one. Doesn't have to be leather.. just as long as its comfortable and sustainable.


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The chair that I sit in couldnt have cost more than $15. Its from Target. Its a folding chair
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The chair that I sit in couldnt have cost more than $15. Its from Target. Its a folding chair
Folding chair? I can't imagine that being very comfortable..

You got me thinking of WWF chairs when you say folding chair though lol
I need a new one. The cylinder went bad so as im sitting in it it'll slowly go down.
HATE that. Same thing happened to my last one and I always found myself pulling the lever to raise it for waaaaay too long until I finally gave in and got a new one.

Makes me wonder the who exactly is designing these chairs..
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My chair at home is one of those cheap *** officemax chairs.

What are some good and affordable office chairs?

Preferably one with good arm rests and lower back support.
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I need a new gas cylinder

Chair won't stay up :smh:

Didn't realize how much a good office/computer chair cost. :wow:
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People are so protective of their office chairs at work. I swear if you just sit in their chair they give you a look like you slapped their first born.
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