NT whats a smooth and tasty vodka?

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i used to think like you myself...wanting some top notch vodka but really, at the end of the day, it's still tasting crumby

i just get some average stuff, not complete garbage stuff though.
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Th3Ownly wrote:uv blue, uv pink, grey goose, level vodka
Are YOU off that vodka already? Fool said no Goose, but more importantly....did you seriously just recommend UV? 

Oh *$*+ didn't even see the Popov 
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I tried Three Olives and I didn't think it was smooth at all. I like Belvedere and Goose personally. Haven't tried Ciroc yet. May give it a try. I still have about half of this 3 Olives bottle left.
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On nye, I went to my boy party and they grabbed two popov joints and filled up some empty goose bottles with it....them broads ain't know what hit em.....
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Stolichnaya Elite - how are you going to post up American brands when it comes to Vodka.

The regular Stoli is good as well.
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Originally Posted by Biggie62

I'm a Belvedere person myself. Goose is prob the most overrated high class vodka out there IMO. Nothing special about it.

Goose is so overrated. We did our own taste test with Goose, Belve, Ciroc, Absolut, and a flavored Smirnoff. Belve came in first, followed by Ciroc, then the Absolut, then the Goose, and Smirnoff was last.

Trump is good also
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I'm a big fan of 3 Olives Cherry. $20 fifth, $30 half gal

If you wanna do it real big though, Peach Burnett's with Peach/Mango v8 Fusion
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