NT - whats the BEST way to resell sneakers ???

Apr 29, 2007
Ok so everyones an expert when it comes to reselling .....so NT school me. I got about 40 pairs I want to unload (30 of mine and about 10 of mywifes)..they're all 99% DS (size 10 for me and 6y for wifey)

so here are my options im thinking..

1) Craigslist pros : quick $, usually cash payments, no shipping expenses
Craigslist cons: alot of fakes already listed, dont want to get jacked, a lot of lowballers also as some buyers equate craigslist = cheap steals

2) FCNY / RIF Consignment Pros: no work, just let the $ come in when they sell, only shoppers are mainly sneakerheads
Cons: $ less fees, have to pay for shipping

3) ISS/NT Pros: relatively easy $, most members are legit and will pay
Cons: saturated listings, lowballers, scammers, etc..

4) Renting a table at an upcoming sneaker show in Houston Pros: usually cash payments, lot of sneakerhead traffic ie. potential customers
Cons: Fees to rent the table, lowballers

So......give me all the advice you got

Thanks for reading
ISS its easy as hell to sell
ebay reaches more people but they bid low
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