NT Who's in a happy relationship?

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Whatever that may mean to you...

Been duckin this girl since we were college freshman, keepin her on the hook like a jerk off smashin whenever, etc. but after 4 years we finally grown sumhowto relationship status, n i cant front.... everything is lovely

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Getting ready to celbrate my 5 year anniversary this month and she is graduating dental school on Saturday...life and love is good.
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NEVER been in a real relationship and Im 17. I jsut dont find the time for it, so it wouldnt be fair to subject anyone to bein with me. I have all AP courses,and a job, and it was worse when I used to play football too, but I quit and just work out on my own now. Im tryna get my 5K time under 20 mins within the next2 years. Ive been progressing but reallllllly slowly.

For example, the baddest %+**# in class is feelin me, and Id love to be with her, just dont feel I have the time to commit myself to it. Plus I dont have a caryet, which while it really is just an excuse, is a major inconvenience, and she doesnt drive either.
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Single and unhappy. Girls come and go, but none of them are what I want in a girlfriend.
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Originally Posted by CalvinJohnson

nah...im really lookin for a good girl tho

thats something i really want
then you wont find one . best relationships come when you arent looking for em


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My right hand and I have been together for 23 years, I'm thinking about popping the big question

alchemist iq

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Originally Posted by AntonLaVey

My right hand and I have been together for 23 years, I'm thinking about popping the big question
Yea def pop a Viagra, being together since birth must take a toil in your relationship.
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