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ok NT I know you guys always come through in the clutch.

I have a few questions about someone that wants to move from Toronto to California for a year (taking a break from school) and wants to work PartTime/FullTime while they are here.

So my question is if a canadian person wants to movie to California what do they have to go about doing? I've heard about work visas but I dont know what the process is and I don't know anyone thats gone through that process.

Any experience, advice or info would be appreciated.

thanks in advance for the help.

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It really depends. You'd have to go to the American embassy and apply for a work visa and then see if you'd get approve. Usually the time to process visa's take sometime.

You'd have to apply for something called an H1-B visa, but there is also an H2-B visa. The H1-B is for college educated people and the H2-B is for skilled and unskilled workers.

NT isn't the best place for questions like this. You're better off doing the research yourself, or talk to Dirty about this. I'm pretty sure he's familiar with all this. You'd also have to apply for a working permit or a Work Authorization card. It's not so much like a green card, but as a license to work here legally.

This website would help you

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