NT, would you eat? vol. extra fresh seafood


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why would they not kill it first?
They're Japanese. They enjoy watching things suffer before they kill them. #historylesson
Pretty much.  They're very good at killing things. 
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i think it's already dead, the salt in the soy sauce contributes to the electrochemical gradient that makes it possible for action potentials to occur. this leads to uncontrolled movements so that's why it's twitching 
edit: hell no i ain't eating that #%+*
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did anybody watch the episode of 1000 Ways to Die when dude ate squid raw 
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i honestly could do andrew zimmermans(sp?) job no problem. so yes
That dude has to be a homosexual, not that there's anything wrong with that. It doesn't matter what animal it is they are tasting, son must eat the balls and penis. It never fails. Beef penis is fairly common so pass on that, but this dude is on tv eating goat nuts, frog balls, komodo dragon testes, lion penis, elephant shaft, rhino foreskin, iguana chode, I'm like dude wth.
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