NT young Jordanheads..would u wear a DMP pk if...

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Your mom bought it for your birthday and they were not real? i ask this because this is what i wanted for my 17th b-day. i was unemployed so 400-600 was crazymoney back then. she asked me what i wanted. she did her research. (i dont how cuz Dominican moms don't know how 2 use pc's) it meant the world to methat my mom would get that for me. even if they weren't real. not so long ago i read a post about a cousin given a nt user a pair of fake 13's and allyou see is people saying burn them. don't wear them. IMO we all think this way because of NT. NT has showed us fakes & reals & how to tell themapart. not saying its a bad thing. its a great thing.i aint gonna lie. i break necks crazy when i rocks those dmp VI's. don't know about the XI. iposted this because last night i underwent sergury to remove a Cyst. pain was horrible. the only person there for me was My mom. i just turned 18 and this newyear didnt start out the greatest with this painful sergury. what is your opinion on the senerio? No i dont support fakes. I'l post pics on request of myFresh Fake DMPs for the pic lovers. thanks
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I dont support fakes....but I love my moms and I would probably do it if it meant she would smile.
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im saying sry to hear all of that, imo opinion just let your mom know how grateful you are but tell her that they arent official and can she try and get hermoney back. Now you know what she want to get you., and am aware you can tell what is real or not, mayb you can help her find a real pair to get for you on theinternet, just maybe it is gonna cost alil more, but hey you never know
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im not a young jordanhead, but i know the importance of parents. just hang on to them. tell her you cant bear to wear them because
they're too sentimental.(she got them for you, and they're something you really wanted) accept them as her gift to you. then save some money up and geta legit dmp and rock em.

edit, i guess it depends on how much she paid for them. if she got burnt badly, you might wanna try to get your money back,but if it wasnt much, id justappreciate her efforts
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CrazyCisko that was my cousin

since its my cousin i got these fake 13s from i where them when i see him and he lives an hour away so its not a big deal

but if i were you to be honst i would wear them everyday if i where somthing gold. its this case who cares if there real or legit your mom got you want youwanted and thats that, just dont put them somewhere and not just wear them. as i said who cares your mom got you what you wanted and she didnt know, also myfather got me jordan 1s PNT the red ones for my birthday when i was 13 and i new they where fake but i wore them and kept wearing them and i still do once in awhile. if its a gift from any one even a freind, family, etc, you should wear them not just for a sign of respect but they wasted how much money on those shoesfor you.

hope this helps
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i wouldn't even say anything in this case. With this kind of gift it really is just the fact that she actually went and did something for you to show thatshe cares about you. If she didn't get burnt badly then just rock em and don't think bout what anyone else says. In any other case i would say trash apair of fakes but not this time

j ro 28

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Don't wear them. If she asks you why you don't wear them, say because they are special and you want to keep them looking new.
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Gotta love Mama Dukes...in this case I think we can collectively give the fakes a pass...at least in my opinion. My mom knows I hate fakes with such adeep-rooted passion I don't think she would attempt to tell real from fake so she would probably jus give me the money to cop. Where em bro, make ya mommaproud
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don't wear them. appreciate the thought behind the gift that your mom got you, but, don't go around copping fake VI's and then feeling good about"breaking necks". it takes away from the people who actually un-DS their authentic DMP's if you just go around wearing cheap knock-offs of thesame shoe.


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it's up to you really, no one can tell you what to do. but my mom knows that there's fakes around. so she never buys any for me.
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what does the surgery have to do with anything?
Hes trying to show us that his mom was there for him, with that said, he wouldnt burn or destroy his fake DMP that his mom gave him,

but back to the point, Im 17, my moms fairly young, young enough to have a very very good understanding on my shoe collecting habbit, she knows that I hatefakes and would never buy fakes if I new they were, she also hates fake things, I mean my step-dad bought her a fake purse (forgot the brand) one year for herbirthday and she flipped, anyways im gettin off topic, but what im tryin to say is I never really had that problem because me and her have the same kindaopinion on fakes, now I actually think that the thought always counts more than anything, if i did get something fake from my mom I would just keep em andpretend like I like them

because no matter shes always gonna be by ur side n the worst situations

which goes back to the whole surgery thing


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At the VERY END of a VERY LONG day... a shoe is a shoe is a shoe. Just wear them from time to time. Appreciate the fact she made an effort and delivered.Bigger issues in the world than a shoes authenticity. Hell, if you still really want them, just save up for a real pack then donate the fakes to charity.
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What she did was awesome.

Your mother is going to always be there for you. What has Jordan ever done for you?

I'd rock the fakes proudly. If you could post pics, that'd be nice. Thx.
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yea id wear em

i usually don wear nutin but namebrands(jus my thing) but ma mom and dad dont really know how picky i am
so i just wear them around the crib or to play ball outzide the crib
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Just tell her there fake and return them. Then buy legit ones. Tell her it will make u happy then she will be happy and keep thanking her.
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