NTer Death: Bay Area Fatal Car Accident HELP

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Last Wednesday, a friend of mine passed away due to a fatal car accident. This NT account that I'm using, actually is his. His name was Genesis Polo and just like everyone on this forum board, had a big passion for sneakers. At first I wasn't going to make a post on NikeTalk but after reading an article about how the person that caused the accident hasn't been found yet, enrages me.

A description of the car was a BLACK BMW 7-Series with Tinted Windows. The driver was a Blond woman. She was driving recklessly and cut off my friend on the freeway, which then made him tried to avoid an accident, but instead lost control of his car and spun out.

So this is for the BAY AREA NTers or anyone that have some useful information regarding this incident: Please help us out.

[h1]One person killed in crash on eastbound I-80[/h1]
Thursday, March 25, 2010

(KGO Photo)

el cerrito, I-80, richmond, car crash, bay area traffic

One person was killed in a crash that temporarily blocked Interstate Highway 80 in both directions in Richmond this afternoon, a California Highway Patrol officer said.

The crash was reported shortly after 3:50 p.m. on eastbound Highway 80 east of Carlson Road, CHP Officer Kevin Kroncke said.

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I-80 fatal accident 03/24/10

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A black vehicle apparently spun out and hit a pole on the right hand shoulder on the highway, Kroncke said.
Authorities briefly closed Highway 80 in both directions while a medical helicopter landed on the highway. However, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash so a medical evacuation was not attempted, according to Kroncke.

The helicopter has since left the highway, he said. All westbound lanes have reopened, while all but the far right eastbound lane were also reopened as of 4:35 p.m.

The vehicle was "pretty badly mangled" in the crash, CHP Officer Sam Morgan said.

Morgan said authorities are investigating why the vehicle spun out, and believe it may have been cut off by another vehicle, Morgan said.

The far right eastbound lane is expected to be closed into the evening because officials from the coroner's office have to drive out from Martinez to the crash scene during peak commute hours, he said.

Morgan recommended that drivers find other modes of transportation or other routes than eastbound Highway 80 during the evening commute.

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After reading through some posts, I'm amazed at how small the world really is. In that case, I'll point out a few info on Genesis.

Originally Posted by NinerFaithful


My dad just went to his funeral the other day cause his dad and mine were coworkers. Thanks for the info, I will look out for that bimmer on my commute to school. I was told his gf was following behind him when the incident happen, must have been really hard for her.
CORRECTION!! THEY WERE NO LONGER TOGETHER when it happened. They broke up. This is another thing that upsets me is because she's going around telling people they're together when really they're not! She's with another guy right now.
I can have all the anger in the world towards her, but in the end, it's not going to bring my friend back...

Originally Posted by TheTrapezeSwinger

Surprised that no one has mentioned the saddest part about the accident: the 80 year old passenger survived. Of course it's good that both people didn't die, but I'm sure he/she would gladly trade places with poor Genesis. Why God didn't take the 80 year old, who had already lived a lifetime, and instead took the young kid...I'll never understand stuff like that.
Umm what 80 year old are you talking about? The passenger that was with him was my friend, who is 20-years old. Thank goodness he survived and just had a broken collarbone. Sorry I forgot to mention this in the original post. But the intent of posting this topic is to help receive information on the woman that caused the accident. =/

Originally Posted by BgL2687

Sorry to hear RIP. did he attend CCC? name sounds familiar.
Yeah, he was attending SF State and CCC. He was a hard working guy.

Originally Posted by amilli1210

Woah, this is crazy cause Genesis Polo is my co-workers cousin. He passed away on his bday too.
what a small small world. RIP.
January 9, 1989 ~ March 24, 2010

He didn't pass away on his birthday. Maybe you heard he just recently celebrated a birthday? He was 21 years old.
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dam my sister went to school with his sister and he went to my elementary school. R.I.P.
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This was the same day I went to Jay Z in San Jose. I looked at traffic map and saw that I-80 freeway had accidents so I took another route. After the concert my gf got a text from her friend saying he died. I never met this guy but people I know know him. RIP Genesis.
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