NTers that didn't go/finish college, what do you do for a living?

al audi

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We had this thread before didn't we? I told my story. I'm a college drop out. I'll come back later. Goin to the gym.
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went to school for 4 years, but dicked around. would have finished in 8 at the pace i was going :lol: . decided to just leave instead. worked for my dad. then started a couple businesses with his friends help.

definitely not the best route to go and i honestly just got lucky by being my dad's son. he's got good friends.


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I'll step in before this turns ugly.

college is a somewhat necessary evil if you want to do certain things .

however, it is no way a direct barometer for success, or a cool job.

I know so many dumb *** people that passed 125 credit hours and received a diploma.

you don't need one to be successful, but it helps you over come initial barriers in certain industries.

people on here know my educational situation, and I'll be the first to tell you people over rate the hell out of a college degree...
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College Drop out....

Was studying music education

Got a job as a database engineer/consultant while in college

And its been my carrier for 2.5 years now.

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Dropped out of high school, had a kid, got a ged.. found a job, had another kid.. now I own a 1900sqft house that was built brand new, 05 mdx , 04 tl. Yard looks like ****.. Kids go to a brand new school.. I'm not balling by any means..but from growing up without parents and jumping from house to house as a teen.. I'm proud of myself..
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Currently making $23/hr at a toll bridge company. Never finished getting my degree. Off and on at Walgreens for a few years. Tried USPS but my route was in a pretty bad area so quit that after a little while.

Experience helps too.
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went to school for 4 years, but dicked around. would have finished in 8 at the pace i was going :lol: . decided to just leave instead. worked for my dad. then started a couple businesses with his friends help.

definitely not the best route to go and i honestly just got lucky by being my dad's son. he's got good friends.
First part is me :lol: plus I didn't know what I wanted to do. Figured no point in wasting money.
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I just started going back to school because I get free classes now. Before then I was working at my school's IT Help Desk as a student worker where I got no benefits. I worked my way up to a full time employee and now Im here.


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I went to college but I got a alot of homeboys and family members who didn't or dropped out along the way. Of all those in their 20s they break down like this:

Two of them a losers, and I say that with love, mid 20s work retail making $9-$11hr. But they got zero ambition too

Couple others went to Lincoln tech and the work at dealerships/shops fixing cars

The successful ones have a wide range of careers

-One is a plumber making 80k plus

-One owns a heating and cooling business, makes six figures

- One works as a wielder on a oil rig, makes a ton or money, might be six figures by now because he tells me he works a ton of over time

-One works IT makes over 75k

-Couple others went to those web dev boot camps, all making 80k plus.
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911 dispatcher been doing it since I was 19 I'm 25 now I live good without a degree, my mom keeps telling me I'm too smart not to have graduated I just hate writing long *** papers. I like my job now because there's really no degree you can to be good at this job either you got it or you don't. Job security and I can pretty much work anywhere in the US, my boss pulls in 120k a year with no diploma. I'll probably go back and finish just for my mom though.
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Graduated in '04. Went to a local college. Dropped out and worked various bs jobs. Moved to new jersey to work with my father. That gig took me to California. Came back to Chicago in '08. Worked more bs jobs. Best friend plugged me with a decent job making good money. Worked there 3 years. Had two children. Got laid off this year. Entered welding school. A little over a month til completion. Ideally ill be working by September. This unemployment life is for the birds
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Triz, I just applied with no experience and not knowing to what expect. I'm good a taking test. I passed all the test and went into training, it ain't for everybody the pressure can be hell, you **** up and someone can die. But I love it I work with great people some days are busy as hell and dealing with *** hole officers and citizens doesn't make it better and other days it's like free money. If you can multitask, make quick decisions under pressure go for it.

I never gotta worry about being laid-off and furlough days, they just can't bring in anybody off the streets and do my job well.
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Drop out of college in 10. Ended up in a tech school for a bit. Friend passed away and schoolmate. F me up for awhile ended up going to an open house as a casino dealer. I enjoy the hell being a dealer. I do not break a sweat. If you can tolerate people,you'll be fine. My goal is to be a poker dealer/ pit boss. (Btw poker junkie) just turned 22.
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Sole.. oh ok.. thanks for the info..
I work 12hr shift.. but I also only work 15 days a month.. 60k a year for a high school drop out.. I'm still thinking of switching fields though
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went to college on athletic scholarship, tore my knee up in the summer , i had alot of famb that dabbled in the streets, from 02-08 i was doing my thing in the full time, alot of stuff went down in atl around 08 that people got locked up for so had to get rid of a lot of things and change it up, got a job at a grocery story as a grocery manager doing ordering and receiving, noticed the delivery drivers were pretty paid and had short hours, got cdl class a drove over the road for 11 months, got gig at red bull back home after driving while part time doing thangs on the side, father works at dhs and wants me to work there but i know myself to well so dont want to do it for the time being, red bull transfered me to l.a. , quit that once i hit my career ceiling, got a gig at halliburton making 90k ( bonuses drive it up to 110) easiest job in the world. College aint for everybody and one thing ive learned in this world is make connections and be yourself dont be fake meeting people because they smell it, from meeting ceo's , gm's, athletes, to trappers, murders, police people really resppect honesty and that goes along way.
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Sell Health Insurance for Anthem Blue Cross....

Didnt graduate high school, but got my GED when it was required to work at T-Mobile.

Never did I step foot into any college.

Took an online course to get my sales license and now ......

im making up to 100k a yr depending on commision sales and bonus's.
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I don't have or want a job at the moment. 
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