NTers who dont club/drink, what do you do?

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First of all, if you do club or drink, you can still post what you like to do aside from clubbing or drinking. But my main concern is what you fellas that don't club or drink like to do in your spare time. It seems like this is pretty much what most of the people aged between 18 and 25 like to do. Im 19 and personally I don't feel like clubbing is for me. I have gone once every blue moon, but its just not my vibe. I prefer chilling with a couple of friends, catching a movie, playing basketball, playing video games, or even a restaurant on occasions. Lets hear it from you guys.
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Originally Posted by MeloManFan

Im 19 and personally I don't feel like clubbing is for me.

wait til you're able to go to 21+ clubs
but i usually just lift or play 360, pretty much what you listed
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Hanging out with friends and family, bowling, lazer tag, movies, PS3, NT, #NTwitter


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lifting, basketball, hanging with the friends. Im not much of a clubber and i dont drink
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Originally Posted by damnTHOSEjs

lol word. i only like clubbing if i kno its gonna be poppin. since i'm in philly, that's almost never the case. i generally stick with xbox live. maybe do some hw
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It's too boring to sit at home.... especially without a TV or gaming system
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