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Y’all have nice collections, I use to be in the sneaker thread a lot but I think I found my new obsession
I felt the same too. Knew it was gonna be expensive. A couple years ago, I kinda took my time looking for benefits of the future. Then I went for the training course/LTC application in 2020 (bad timing) Worth it IMO can never have too many hobbies


Finally got a chance to shoot my FNX-45, couldn't find ammo to save my life. I absolutely love the 45 caliber, can't wait to grab a Kriss Vector at 45 as well
You might want to keep an eye on precision delta for some ammo
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We may have a good summer, boys :nthat:. Stopped by Academy after work and scored some fire. Second 7.62 spam can i’ve picked up in a month from the same location. Had a ton of 9mm too, 50 round american eagle 124 grain, 200 round boxes of winchester, 200 round boxes of steel case monarch, 150 round boxes of browning. Blazer 10mm, remington 00 buck. Its slowly trickling back in my area, hope everybody is seeing the somewhat same thing.

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any of you AK guys familiar with this jawn? This was one and only AK that I ended selling to my brother about 6-7 years back. Wasn’t feeling it back then. Now I’m sort of regretting parting with it. 🤣

stock pic off the web for ref
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223 at ya 223 at ya Its a Wasr with the paratrooper barrel setup essientally. Only negatives is the barrel isnt threaded 14x1 LH like standard ak and no crush washer.

Called an RH-10 now that Century has the exclusive import rights. Think of it as WasR 10 with a Jim fuller gas block/sight. Those M&M peeps make their own rifles now outta CO, all indications are they suck and they shoukda kept importing the Cugirs.

You sold a good rifle albeit a "budget" AK. Century was sellin them with wood furniture for 899.99 last month

ice shattered ice shattered $1099. DK Firearms/Classic/Atlantic
If youre really into AKs I will hit you up soon... the Polish are sending a shipment of WBP Foxs and Beryls/mini Beryls as we speak. Should be up for purchase in the next 2 weeks. That Zastava with the light maple for $1049 is a steal.... i ended up putting my walnut one on GB cuz i like the maple better and ZUSA sells a dark tiger mae furniture set now. Sold for 1600 in under 2 hrs... shoulda went higher. Either way jus use the funds to pay for the maple one and another case of 7.62. Need me some of them spam cans or the price on the Yugo military crates to drop by 50%
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