NT's Own DJ AM Trying To Be Compensated Up To 20Mill For 08 Plane Crash

Joined Jan 30, 2006
just cuz ur rich doesnt mean you should be compensated for less, im sure dude and travis had some mental and medical problems after
Joined Apr 15, 2007
How can people say that he should just be lucky to be alive.

An airline makes faulty equipment that causes you to crash, your people to get killed and you got seriously injured, and you're supposed to just chalk upand take an L.

Hell nah, they're at least gonna recoup me for my medical bills, and all of the money I lost in missed work. Then, you just double that figure because youknow you never get everything you ask for.

I hope AM gets the $ he deserves, and I hope the families of those deceased get theirs too.
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...I mean dude will be lucky to get half that. Like somebody mention earlier, settlement status, a cool 3 milli.
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Originally Posted by NostrandAve68

Yeah thats my only problem with this if the family member of the deceased passengers aren't suing the various companies why is an actually survivor seeking so much compensation.. unless he was gonna share with the families

he has to get his...its up to the family of the deceased how much they want if any...it shouldn't be about what they ask for vs. what he asks for...
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he'll get payed, not 20 mil though

can't fault him for asking for that much though, I cosign what P MAC said
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dudes want to sue when they find a damn dorito in their cheetos bag...and ya'll baggin on him when he has a legit gripe?..
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its the old high low game...for yall saying hes already rich so he shouldnt be doing YEA OK
- he wont get 20 but they will settle for a nice sum and rightfully so...sonslivelihood comes from traveling across the country doing gigs...can you imagine the feeling he must have everytime he gotta board a plane now...its not likehe's suing them he got food poising from the inflight peanuts...they crashed, his people died, he was severely burned

[h1]Lear Corp raises 2007 profit view, confirms 2008[/h1]
Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:17am EST

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BOSTON, Dec 20 (Reuters) - Auto parts maker Lear Corp (LEA.N) on Thursday raised its profit estimate for 2007 and confirmed its 2008 operating profit forecast.

Lear said it expects to record 2007 income before interest, other expense, income taxes, restructuring costs and other special items of $750 million, higher than its prior estimate of $680 million. It also said it still expects to report profit excluding those items of $680 million in 2008. (Reporting by Scott Malone, editing by Mark Porter)
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