Nubuck XII package survey - if interested, respond ASAP.

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Dec 8, 1999
Here's the deal:

Jordan brand will be holding a meeting in the very near future to discuss the Team Jordan exclusive Retro XII package.

As valued customers and loyal fans, Jordan brand is extremely interested in hearing YOUR thoughts about this offer. We already have 81 pages of reactions in our archived Nubuck XII launch post, but we're interested in hearing what people think of this package now that the offer has ended and those who ordered have received their packages.

What advice would you have for Jordan brand in regards to developing a similar offer in the future?
What did they do right with this package? What can they improve upon for next time?

Assuming that all of this year's launch problems are ironed out, would you be interested in similar offers in the future?

For those who purchased the Retro XII package: was it worth it? When you received the package, did it meet your expectations?

For those who didn't purchase the Retro XII package: Why did you decide to pass? What could Jordan brand do differently in the future to earn your business with a similar offer?

While Jordan brand is interested in your responses to the preceding questions, don't feel bound or limited to those questions. Feel free to leave whatever comments or suggestions you have regarding the Retro XII package in this space.

If you'd like your suggestions to be received in time for this meeting, please leave your responses no later than Sunday, February 1st. (Yes, I realize this very short notice)

Jan 12, 2003
If your going to release an exclusive shoe to the loyal Jordan customers, don't force them to buy something they dont want, such as a sweater and a hat that doesn't even match with the shoes.

They should stick with the shoes only.
Apr 10, 2001
Maybe you should start offering shipping to CANADA as well |I

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Mar 23, 2003
Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my Jordan XII package, when they finally arrived.

First of all, the thought of an "exclusive" Jordan sounded excellent to me, and I really liked the colorway as well. The hoody was very well designed, although I thought the hat was a bit too busy for most people's taste, including myself. When I sat down and figured out the price, it was completely fair.

The first, and most obvious con, is the fact that the website was having problems since the minute the package was put online. That, in my opinion, was extremely unprofessional, and unorganized. The message that read, "we did not anticipate such high traffic' (or something along those lines) made me even more unhappy. You have to anticipate high traffic, this is the first Jordan that hasn't been MASS produced since the Retro III. Other than that, the hat was the only other con in my opinion.

Overall, I think the package was a great success. If you guys released 1-2 of these per year, I believe they would remain instant hits. Although, the shoes would not always have to come as a package. I believe that the package ought to be optional. Some people may have felt that Nike was trying to take their money by forcing them to purchase unwanted clothing items.

Sep 21, 2003
There are people like me, who are not from the US and we simple cannot order the package since Nike does not ship internationally :frown:
So that would be my advice :D
Dec 23, 2002
What advice would you have for Jordan brand in regards to developing a similar offer in the future?
What did they do right with this package? What can they improve upon for next time?
if it wasn't for niketalk i would have never found out about this considering the email and card arrived late...

Assuming that all of this year's launch problems are ironed out, would you be interested in similar offers in the future?
very interested

For those who purchased the Retro XII package: was it worth it? When you received the package, did it meet your expectations?
it was definitely worth it considering it wont be a shoe that i see everyone wearing
Apr 3, 2002
Me, I love the shoes and hoody. I think that such a package should have optional hat/hoody. As said above stick to shoes. Also, make sure your computers can handle a mass # of crazy niketalker's.
As for your next package, make it white/grape/emerald v's. that would be an amazing exclusive that we would all love.

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Apr 21, 2001
I think the shoes remained on NDC for TOO long- If you say a shoe is going to be limited and only available only for a week or so, then stand behind your word...
Oct 9, 2002
the hat and hoody were not a good idea, it made more people pass on them than it made them want to get them...maybe next time a shirt will be sufficient...I don't know the exact numbers, but make it more EXCLUSIVE, last week i was able to buy 3 of them online...The people who waited by their computer day and night should have been rewarded some how maybe the first 100 orders get something free...
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Jan 29, 2004
A big problem i had with the package was that it was very difficult for younger Jordan fanatics to purchase them due to the fact that you needed a credit card or gift certificate to buy them. Meaning instead of ONLY online us younger people should be able to go to a Finishline or some other sneaker store to buy them. I understand it was LIMITED, BUT if thats the case....DONT MAKE THAT MANY PAIRS. I believe thats what limited means. I wouldnt mind waiting at my local mall at 5 in the morning for them if only like 20 some pairs were availible to the public at each store.

The package overall (even though i couldnt get one) was an excellent idea. Great colorways. Great hoody and shoes. 'cept for the hat. Pinwheel in my opinion is played out. Also if you want to sell more make it more affordable to us kids. :smokin

I agree with a Grape 5 package. That would be an awesome colorway and its not everyday you see that colorway on your feet.
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Jan 5, 2003
What advice would you have for Jordan brand in regards to developing a similar offer in the future?

while the package was very nice, and very well put together, a few more purchase options would have been nice. like allowing only requiring purchase of 2 of the items for a cheaper price, instead of being forced to purchase all 3.

What did they do right with this package? What can they improve upon for next time?

the exclusitivy of the package was very nice.

the implementation and launch procedure was not very well executed.

would you be interested in similar offers in the future?

without question, i would!

a Jordan Brand internet exclusive every year, would probably be very well received and very highly anticipated, only without a release so close to a Holiday.

was it worth it? When you received the package, did it meet your expectations?

the purchase was well worth every penny and every hour spent waiting to purchase the shoe.

the shoes, themselves, exceeded all expectations. these shoes look much nicer in person than any pictures could ever attempt to capture.

the hat left much to be desired. personally, i don't like and will not wear a pinwheel style hat.

the sweatshirt is also very nice.
Sep 24, 2001
I NEVER recieved my card anouncing the release of this package and i registered when the site first opened!!! :frown:

What advice would you have for Jordan brand in regards to developing a similar offer in the future?
You should offer shoes that an average person normally couldnt afford and/or find such as Fird Red III's or Fire Red V's. I for one like the hoody and the hat idea.

What did they do right with this package?
The color choices and by it being an online exclusive compared to an Niketown instore exclusive. Since there is NO Niketown store in the MD/DC/VA area thats ridiculous!!!

What can they improve upon for next time?
Make rare shoe colorways (ex. Grape/Emerald Green V) with a matching t-shirt or jacket.

Assuming that all of this year's launch problems are ironed out, would you be interested in similar offers in the future?
Yes a release like this once a year would be an highly
anticipated event.

Was it worth it?
Yes, Finally an exclusive Jordan colorway that i wont see everyone wearing!

When you received the package, did it meet your expectations?

Nov 17, 2003
Pros: The shoe has a beautiful color-way and material combination. Also, seeing that it was only for members was also a plus, and also the fact that it wasn't available in stores.

Cons: I do not understand how a power house, and leader in the shoe business cannot provide better IT support to its customers. I understand that a server was flooded from everyone staying up that night until the long hours into the A.M. pressing the refresh button. But on the other hand this should have been anticipated by Nike. There is no excuse for not preparing for your server or servers to be bombarded by your consumers. Please understand, you tell us it is an exclusive shoe, so we anticipate this and stay up until the A.M. trying to get this so called "EXCLUSIVE" shoe. But leaving your customer/consumer sitting in front of a computer monitor waiting and waiting is irresponsible and reckless. The whole package deal was uncalled for. I understand and see that it was a good deal for a hat, hoody, and a pair of shoes, but with a price tag of $200 plus shipping were literally killing some of these kids out here with a minimum wage salary/allowance from mom and dad.

Improvements: Anticipate a herd of people waiting in front of there computer at 12:00 in the morning waiting to attack your server. Offer the package as an option not as an obligation. Also one suggestion: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation, Anticipate, Anticipate, Anticipate.


Jan 29, 2004
i think most who bought this package bought for the shoe only- the sweater was actually quite nice,
but the hat was :x

i would mosdef be interested i npurchaseing another
jordan exclusive package-mabe other exclusive
retro's in exclusive colorways.

as for advice to jordan brand-listen to what the
people have to say!!!!!!!!!!! and if you say you are releasing something on a certain day/time -just do it!!!!!

i live in california, but i feel its unfair for jordan brand
to only ship to the us.

so-basically just learn from this past jb package
deal-you guys did a nice job overall and i cant speak for anyone else but-i would love to see another
jb exclusive package

just ideas:

reversable bucket hats or skully's
reversable sweaters
numbered shoes example: (1 of 2223)
limited edition shirts
mini posters
exclusive colorways on retro jordans

Jan 6, 2002
Meaning instead of ONLY online us younger people should be able to go to a Finishline or some other sneaker store to buy them.
Please Nike don't do that cause thats part of the good thing about them. If they came out in the store people would be sleeping outside(not my style) and buying up all the pairs(resellers). I like it how it was just wish I would have received a card since I'm registered with Jordan Brand cause if not for NT I would've never knew they were out. I know this would never happen but if Jordan Brand members could have a retro J we could customize ala Nike ID that would be hot.
Mar 4, 2002
I didn't get them because I'm 16 with no access to a credit card. Also, I didn't like the idea of the matching sweater and hat. Honestly, I didn't like them and I don't usually buy Jordan apparel anyway. And for those two items to up the price all the way to $200 turned me off completely. The idea of the shoes being "exclusive" is a somewhat contradicted if everyone who buys them gets the same exact apparel (with those huge Jordan emblems...Nike: we're not your walking billboards. I'm not going to pay you guys to advertise for you---but that's a different point).

A lot of my friends had to pass on these because of the fact they were only available online (Teens, some of your biggest consumers don't have credit cards or people who will let them use their's). Everybody I know LOVED the colorway and the materials used...but only 2 of my friends could get a pair. It's just that they were so difficult to get and so pricey. Next time, just give us the shoes, and set up some way where we can pay with money orders or something. probably learned this with the XVII's...$200 is WAY too much for shoes. And no we were not going to buy the hat and sweater anyway so there was no sense in including them. The shoes alone would have beem attractive enough for people to line up. When was the last time you saw kids hyped up and camping for a sweater and hat? Bonuses are cool, but not when they add THAT much to the cost. If they were sold separately, I'm sure they would have sold to a certain crowd. Everyone who wears Jordans is not a fitted hat, jersey wearing person. I, like a lot of other people, flip it, and just wear the J' other atheltic gear. So my point is, you lost at least me and a lot of my friend's purchases because of the hat and sweater, and the package only being available online thru CC.
Oct 24, 2001

First of all, the shoe looked DOPE. Nubuck is my favourite too so I thought it was cool to offer a new take on the design. The colourway they chose for the whole package was pretty cool and the whole matching set thing was great.

I would personally prefer the shoe only though or the shoe and a hat, not such a big package. It's not so much that the stuff wasn't worth $200, it's just that $200 is a lot of money. But if making a package, the design should be better. The font used on the hoodie was quite uninspired. I'm sorry, but that was very plain. It felt like it was slapped together in a minute. The hat was ok if you were into fitted pinwheels but it seems to me that is too limited a market.

This is 2004 and the internet is old and stuff. Why restrict sales to the USA? I'm in Australia and happily purchase products from all over the world but not from or Other online retailers like Eastbay do it. It makes me sad. I missed this whole package because my hookup went AWOL (PRA, you are forgiven. :smile:

If they aren't going to sell them through the website why not have limited quantities sold at Nike stores in foreign countries? e.g. Nike Melbourne, Icon in Sydney, NikeTown London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. Why do they not show love to the rest of the world? |I

(Just a related thing: it really pissed a lot of people off when White/Cement III's weren't offered around the world. Whaa? The White/Cement retros were not sold here in 1994 either. One of the most popular shoes ever and you don't let people get at them. |I

With the release date, was it formally announced? If they did, did it get changed. I seem to remember people were like "Is it today or not?" Part of this may have been problems with the servers not being ready and crashing. They need to just prepare early, get the infrastructure ready like a MONTH in advance and then announce a date with say two weeks notice.

Lastly, people need to see the product and know whether to save for it. A lot of people don't just have $200 lying around to slap down at a moments notice. They need to show good clear pics before hand. I know there was a mail out but not everyone got that in time. Why not just email it or put pics on the site? The first time I saw the hat and a good shot of the hoody was when they were released.

JB, don't take this personally. Keep trying. I know there are always politics and business pressure within an organisation that can prevent things being done right or even done at all. I work in the software industry and know what it's like. Like MJ said, the reason he succeeded is because he failed and knew how to learn from it and improve. Thanks for making the effort to get feedback and then discuss improvements.

Peace, Love, Respect.

p.s. Thanks Method Man.

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Jun 21, 2003
I didn't recieve my postcard introducing the package till almost three weeks after it had been released.

I LOVED the creative colorway and the use of different materials from the general release, but I did not like that I didn't have the option of just purchasing the shoes.

If you are going to make a package deal with exclusive shoes, try to come up with smaller less expensive accessories. The $200 price tag was a little hard to swallow.

Stick with the shoes, your true target audience really is all about the shoes. I don't fit your typical urban male demographic and wasn't very interested or excited about the hoody and especially the pinwheel hat.

The concept of a limited edition, members only shoe is awesome and I look forward to another offer, maybe dare I say it, exclusive X's???
Sep 23, 2000

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Mar 25, 2003
as many have stated before: PLEASE SHIP INTERNATIONALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I had to have another NTer hook me up, and i am so grateful that he didn't raise the prices too high while purchasing them for me. It is not that hard to ship internationaly, Eastbay already does. You should follow their example. Other then that the package overall was very nice, and i would be interested in future online exclusives.
Jan 29, 2004
Q: For those who purchased the Retro XII package: was it worth it? When you received the package, did it meet your expectations?

A: Yes it was worth it, and all my expectations were fulfilled. BUT, I really did not like the fact that you had to buy the hoody and the hat even if your size was unavailable. That was the biggest issue I had with the package. Even though they were supposed to be limited, at least make sure you have enough sizes in the hat and hoody. Even if you have to overproduce and make more hoodies than shoes or more hats than shoes. I feel if this was done a whole LOT more people would have been interested because after the 3xl and 2xl hoody, and most hat sizes sold out, alot of people turned their heads because who wants to pay for something they can't fit?

But overall, I am glad that you all came to the idea of this package and I am anticipating to purchase more in the future if some altercations are made.
Jan 13, 2004
the nubuck XII shoe was amazing. i would have bought it but being as i do buy a lot of jordans, i dont have any cash
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