Nuggets @ Mavs, game three. Dirk will get hot, no one else will.

Mar 3, 2006
No one cares about this game,

Lets go Mavs?
If we have ANY kind of shot at making this interesting, Josh has to play heavy minutes.

As I type that, he gets a block.

Also, we have to win the next three, if we don't, we lose.
I care
...I feel sorry for Dirk
ohwell.gif Im pulling for the Mavs today
I'm hoping this lay off for a few days doesn't hurt the Nuggets and what they had going.

Edit - Good things always happen when Melo goes to the rack and stays aggressive.

Double Edit - No foul for Melo? But JHo trips and gets to the stripe?
I'm sorry but I love Josh Howard during htese Playoffs. I know he's fragile, but we're SO much better with him on the floor.
2 bad ankles or 2 quick fouls?

Either way that's good news. Shootig terribly to start but I think it will increase. Melo to have a big game
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