NY > LA Vol. NT Vets Check In

Jun 4, 2008
When you got banned and came back as goDie...


Been using that ever since.

And for anyone in the know, big shout out and congratulations to Steezy!
Nothing but blessings to you and the fam.

I see ZIK still out here being a hater.

If anyone need a bud connect in NY, let me know.

M Mark Antony
We def getting old.
Does this new generation even know who Henzo is?
Jan 28, 2013
LA has a bunch of people who want to be famous.
NY has a bunch of people who want to be rich.

LA is wide and short.
NY is narrow and tall.

If you could take all of the people out of both places... and take into consideration infrastructure, convenience, and potential... I would say... NY > LA
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