NYC HEADS: Anyone know any good / safe reliable used car dealerships?.. ?

Joined Dec 22, 2008
trying find a used car dealership in NYC area.. better yet in brooklyn if possible.. need a point A to B car for school. thanks btw my budgets $2500 - $3000 
Joined May 28, 2003
with that kind of money you aren't gona find any dealership to buy from. your best friend is going to be craigslist but 95% of them will be junk. if you suck with cars then have a friend or family member that is knowledgeable and buy off CL. i've had both good and bad experiences.
Joined Dec 22, 2008
yea.. craigslist was going to be my next bet aswell.. there has to be some dealerships though bro.. just look at transformers lol i kid but yea cl would work with a mechanic on my hands... thnx
Joined Mar 31, 2006
Craigslist is your best bet. Just check the carfax before you buy one.

Financing isn't a option ?
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