NYC heads : Team Dynasty vol. You may have people but I still don't believe you

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  1. Any of yall encountered Team Dynasty before?

    Members stay posting pics of themselves on FB and IG on vacation having a great time and holding a "You should be here" sign, posting motivational quotes, talking bout changing lives, making moves etc...


    I was out of the country for a year. I recently came back. So the day after I'm back, this dude that I was somewhat cool with, a friend of a friend, starts hitting me up about hanging out with him. At first, I'm like the ****? But I'm a cool guy so I'm like whatever cool. I talk with our common friend and he tells me that he's part of this "company" where they set you up to give you some bs presentation to recruit their friends and family. I'm like damn this **** must be like Vector marketing/insert X # of pyramid type scams which I hate with a passion. So son keeps on hitting me up trying to hang out and ****. Dude was relentless for like a couple days, offering to come through where I'm at, calling etc.. when we're not even friends like that :stoneface:
    Dude has alienated some of his closest friends and that's all he seems to talk about nowadays. I still don't know what the hell that thing is about as they try to lure you into the presentations without telling you wtf its about. The whole thing seems shady to me. They seem to be pretty active in the NYC area from what I've seen so far they're targeting Black and Latino young people :smh::smh::smh:
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    Jul 19, 2012
    The Blue and White banner right? Yup, definitely know what you are talking about. The same exact thing happened with this dude I went to High School with. the people I know who are doing that (and this "health technology" aka dietary supplements called "ZoiVi) dropped out of college and they think they've hit the goldmine. Like a bunch of people who are asking you to pay to work really care about your success. 
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    Jul 18, 2013
    This guy I went to highschool with and kept in touch with afterwards tried to get me to go to one of those meetings or whatever that they have with promises of yambs.

    Then when he realized I was never going to one he showed up at my house at 10:30 p.m. to show me one of those stupid videos.

    **** is super shady. Barely talk to him now. A mutual friend of ours doesn't even invite him to play ball with us anymore.

    And he posts all the stuff that you said OP on facebook now. That stuff is about 95% of his posts now. #makingmoves #teamgetmoney #Isaidyesyoudidnt [​IMG]
  4. yup, blue and white banner. That's what I'm saying. How can you trust anything that makes you pay to work and makes you trick people into joining? Like if it's so great you shouldn't have to fool people.
    Then you alienate people close to you only to realize after a few months/years that you sacrified your personal relationships and you lost money over some BS

    I actually did a quick google search and idk how people get involved in crap like that :smh:
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