NYC members, what's your favorite borough and why?

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Showed my cousin the other thread and it's HIM AGAINST NEW YORK NOW (we're all lame and crazy and New York is over-rated).What's your favorite borough? Why is it? What would you change about it? What would you recommend to a friend going on a date or showing a male/female around? 

Mines is Manhattan with Brooklyn in a strong second, I like the artisan culture of Brooklyn it's young, fresh, and welcoming. But Manhattan has so much energy and I'd say roughly 80% of the residents aren't from Manhattan or even America so it makes for nice conversation and experiences when you meet them.
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Queens of course! That's where I was born and raised for half of my life. Moved to Maryland for the other half and now i'm back in Queens. Feelsgoodman
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Easily Manhattan. It has pretty much anything you're looking for; ranging from food, entertainment, to shopping. Needless to say, partaking in most of these activities aren't cheap.
I love the East Village, but goddamn, it can be so crowded throughout the day that you can barely walk at a normal pace on the sidewalk. I go down to Sunshine Cinema on East Houston when I need to see some exclusively released independent film. My favorite restaurants are in the East Village, and I actually do most of my clothes shopping there as well.

I'm from the Bronx, though.
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best borough is money making manhattan! its where all the moneys at. u could find almost anything out here and i mean almost anything
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a lot of people are writing queens. tell me why and please dont say its cause thats where u live as the only answer


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queens. the most laid back borough

manhattan is too busy

bronx is too *******

brooklyns gentrification is crazy

staten island dont count/
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Manhattan then BK. Nothing anywhere can touch Man. Always I mean always something going on!
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Harlem duh, the 6th Borough lol JK. In all honesty Manhattan since I was born and raised here, and there is plenty to do through out the whole island.

Although I go in on BK all the time I would say it is the second best, depending on where you live out there and what you get involved in. Queens is really nice, and more like a Suburb than anything to me, but lets be honest, they need to go over there civil planning with the roads and street names.

BX is okay, mainly because its the closet borough to me, and I do not have to pay a damn toll to get there and get back. Most of it is a **** hole though. Staten Island, needs to stop being counted lol.
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Bronx all many parts of the bronx its always something to do. from fordham to riverdale to throgs neck to south bronx to uptown..

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QUEENS. I say that because it's my birthplace and like someone said it's the most diverse and laidback borough. You can go chill in astoria one day and shop and go eat and hookah and strip clubs or I can go to forest hills and eat and watch a movie and shop and what not. Plus astoria park and flushing park run it. when I want to get my hood on I'll go to jamaica ave and get my deals out there. If you go out to LIC or astoria you really get that nice look into manhattan that you can't get in Manhattan to take it in. Manhattan is nice but you got all the congestion and the people from other states that are "trying to make it in nyc" or some laughable b.s. like that or whatever motto they came into nyc with like "if I can make it in nyc I can make it anywhere" :lol: like ************ you should just move to that anywhere place from the get go and stop fronting like you don't wanna live that glamorous nyc lifestyle. stupid pricks.

But yea Queens, manhattan, BK, BX....and I've never eem been to SI.
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