NYC/NJ trip June 5th-8th...Shopping Hot Spot HELP

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I'm planning a trip to NYC/NJ the weekend of June 5th-8th. Yes, It's a Summer Jam trip, but I want to hit up some spots for shopping, I need some helpfrom people though. I know, never being to it, gotta hit up the House Of Hoops. Any one know of any outlets for kicks/gear I should hit up? I have a list ofFoot locker's, knowingly to hit up Times squares & 34th st. Any good spots I should hit up for some Apparell & Fitted's?

Really looking for deals, but just great places to shop in general are great as well.

Here's info about my Boys & I to help...

Nike Air Max's, Up's & Dunk's
Nike T's
Ed hardy & Christian Audigier
Supreme, 10 Deep, Play Cloths, Dissizit Anything pretty much on karmaloop/dr. jays
FITTED's (Need to step game up)

My girl & some her friends are going as well, so any hot spots for ladies to shop as well would be nice. Get them off our hands for some time lol.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I will come back to this & post my pick ups & thanks to everyone for help.
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For fitteds, just head to downtown Brooklyn and walk down Fulton Street Mall. There are plenty of spots that sell fitteds there. Also, on Fordham in the BX,and the Ave. in Jamica sell a lot of fitteds. and in Harlem as well.

For Supreme, just go to their store in soho. There are also a lot of stores around that area that sell 10deep, Crooks, Stussy, BBC, Kid Robot, etc. Justexplore the whole SOHO area. You will be sure to find a lot of stores that you will like like Michael K, Union, DQM, Flight Club, etc..

There is also a Dr.Jays in Downtown Bklyn, 34th, Fordham and the Ave. Also hit up training camp nyc near 34th and 42nd street. They have some nice sneakers(Nikes, Jordans, etc.) there and have decent sales (I used to work there so I know).

Last time i checked, Transit NYC in SOHO had nike tees, so does Michael K if i remember correctly. You can also hit up any footlocker, or check Niketown on59th street for nike gear.

For Ed Hardy, I dont know what to tell you. Maybe Dr.Jays sells Ed Hardy clothing but I haven't been to Dr.Jays in a while.
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I think they have a Ed hardy & Christian Audigier store in soho as well near the sneaker store Clientele
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^^ Didn't Clientele Close down? I didn't see it when I went there 2 weeks ago. But then again, I wasn't really looking to go there so i might bewrong.
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im not sure, i live in boston but go down there evry once in while...the last time i was there was prolly around christmas time
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Originally Posted by chino905

^^ Didn't Clientele Close down? I didn't see it when I went there 2 weeks ago. But then again, I wasn't really looking to go there so i might be wrong.
You're right, Clientele did close.
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