NYC NTers: Manhattan hotel question?

Mar 25, 2006
Sup NT,
Me and the fam are planning to go to NYC this summer and are looking for a decent place to stay in the heart of NYC - Manhattan.
We're looking at around $200 - $250 a night maybe, at a very decent area.
We've found some, but I want some input from dudes that know the area or know about hotels in the area...
anyways.. thanks in advance.
Embassy Suites in Battery Park City
There are tons of places, just stay somewhere midtown/downtown. All the hotels are fighting for business/tourist traffic so prices will be competitive. Aboutyour budget, won't be hard to find a hotel for that price. JUST MAKE SURE THE PLACE HAS AN ELEVATOR!
How about the Hudson Hotel. If u do go to the Hudson just make sure to not stay in a standard room go for @ least the Queens Deluxe. It's a 3 star hotel.
at your price range, i'd say you pretty much have a choice of where you want to stay right in the midtown area.
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