NYC NTers! WHAT are the MUST SEE/DOs of NYC vol Im visiting

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Hi all,

I'm visiting NYC next week for 5 days for the 2nd time. Just wanted to know what are some MUST DO's and MUST SEE's in NYC. I'm looking forthings to see and do that will truly bring out the culture of NYC. Best Pizza? Best Burgers? Tourist stuff to do? Museums? Carriage ride in central park? Bestshopping for deals? So far on my list are: Kid Robot, Bape (I just want to see it hah and its close to KR), the giant piano in FAO Schwarz.
Where is rucker park? Is it dangerous? I'm a 5'6 asian kid.

Clothing I am looking for: mature clothing (dress shirts, pants, belts, blazers etc), NF lightweight rain jacket (more to come) - So please direct me to thedeals/sales

I am sure this topic has came up once in a while, I couldnt find any threads regarding this, only about where to find certian street wear, fitteds, etc.
Northwest should have a OFFICIAL TOURIST/NYC MUST DO and SEEs thread. Someone from NYC should start it.

Anyways, thanks in advance for the input.
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they got them 2 for 5 purple tops.

im going from august 3rd to 12th, i was born in new york but lived in los angeles most my life

i used to go to the city all the time though when i used to fly for free so i know the subways and how to get around.

any niketalkers wanna help me with good clubs and bars to go to though since this is gonna be my first trip out there since i've been over 21

hell i got 3 weeks to go hard with the can i borrow you line on myspace so i have potential smash oppurtuinites waiting for me as well.
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