NYC Taxi Driver beaten to death by 3 teenage girls

Apr 15, 2013
grand theft autos are stupid high in nyc too and the crazy part is it’s all done by 15 year olds

i know people who are on the detail and they basically said they don’t know what to do even when they catch them because they’re underage and they know they cant do anything

the scary part is they’re usually armed and not afraid to pull the trigger and they’re going right in peoples driveways and just taking their cars

it sounds cliche but they said that they’re motivated by tiktok. there’s even a “kia challenge” or some **** where they see who can boost a kia every night

but going back to the minor thing. yea they’re well aware that they’re protected by the law and something should change
Jul 7, 2005
Jun 22, 2018
Dude should be locked up being a repeat offender and hanging around 13 and 15 year old girls when he 20 (if those ain’t his kin).

While going after them wasn’t the best move, I’m giving grace to the victim because he’s an immigrant and probably has different rules of conduct about addressing kids. Some girls, probably the age of his oldest daughter from that pic, are being disrespectful so he’s going to attempt to reprimand them.
He already had a sexual misconduct charge so him being out with them that late at night looks bad.


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Sep 15, 2014
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