NYC toy and shoe spots?!?

Apr 21, 2006
Going there in the summer and i need a heads up on the BEST places to get sneaks (reasonable prices) and specialty toy shops mostly TF's, in and around the big apple,. Appreciate it!!
Transit on Broadway & 9th street another dope spot is flightclub 245 greene st but it is pricey being a consignment store and all and spicy action 714 Broadway in Brooklyn now as for toy stores check out chinatown Toy'r us near time square and FAO schwartz plus there a ton of other stores your bound to find in Manhattan for kicks and toys
here you go
DMP VI, sz 9.5 .. Olympic VII, sz 9 .. Wht/Red XIV, sz 9.5 .. Blk/Red XIV, sz 9.5 .. Quickstrike XX, sz 10 .. Blk/Gold dub-zero, sz 9.5 .. White/Red-Blk XX1, sz 9 .. Zoom Lebron III Black/Black-Varsity Crimson, sz 9.5 .. Mission Blazers, sz 9.5 .. Maple dunk low sb, sz 9 (All Shoes completely DEADSTOCK)

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wow, never saw that list. thanks anabolic.....

forbidden planet by union square have pretty good stuff at very reasonable prices.......
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my fav place is over at fordham road in the bronx,easy to get to if ur coming from the city,door to door shoe stores and best of all almost all stores carry sneakers below retail,no tax too,try jimmy jazz,dr. jays,even models
im not completely sure about this but i think it might have been better if you posted in the northeast forum
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