NYCers...Halal Cart on 53rd and 6th...

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So I'm flipping through the newspaper today and I find an article on NYC NTers favorite fast food stand
. Alright, so which one of y'all is lining up at 4am in sub-zero temperatures?

‘Halal cart guy’ a New York original [h2]Halal cart guy serves up the greasiest, sloppiest … tastiest pile of street eats in Manhattan[/h2]NEW YORK CITY—It all started around 15 years ago. With New York’sendless, swirling sea of yellow cabs crisscrossing the city, cabbiesneeded fuel for more than their cars. Food, they needed food. Not just any food. Late-night food, the kind that’s cheap, fresh, hot, and (pardon the pun) wouldn’t eat into their driving schedules.
EnterIslam Elsayed and his tiny halal cart. At the corner of 53rd St. and6th Ave., it was the perfect spot. Walking distance from Times Square,Central Park and Columbus Circle, he was smack dab in the middle ofManhattan’s shopping and nightlife. The cart itself was modest, thesize of a regular hot dog cart, but with a larger, flat grill and roomunderneath to store pita bread and pre-cooked rice.

For$4.50, Elsayed fed his customers a feast: A bed of basmati rice, lambgyro, shredded chicken, salad and pita — all smothered in his secretwhite sauce and crammed into a round aluminum tray.

Word ofthe “halal cart guy


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at the people waiting in the 20+ people line when the same people are serving the same food down the street
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Originally Posted by jackiechizzan

at the people waiting in the 20+ people line when the same people are serving the same food down the street
yeah man, my spot was the one on the other side of the block with the green onion & peppers
  Unfortunately, these yellow bagged bastards bought out all of the 3 carts in that area and they're chicken sucks so bad. 
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I really do miss this when I'm away from home. I bring back a few plates with me, even when reheated, it's better than the stuff up here in Albany.

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Originally Posted by SoleAsian

I used to buy from him a lot.
I abused it, then I saw the calorie count.. (peep my signature)

I remember I went 5 times in a week before, straight.. smh.. now I am Team Fitness..

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They're still great. But I binged last semester, so I'm cleaning up my diet now. And ya the lines are probably never going to stop. Every time I go theres always new people, and they eat it and rave about it. And slow news-day? (in reference to the newspaper) There's a million articles out there reviewing/talking about 53rd and 6th and the line..
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I will be in the area next Friday, might grab some.  I feel gross eating it though.  They must put crack in the white sauce because everyone I know is addicted to it.
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Originally Posted by ConductZero

Overhyped to an astronomical level.
Not back in the day man.

Back in the day it was incredible.

They had the gyro meat spinning right there.  They'd cut it off fresh and throw it on the grill for a few before putting it on your platter.

Everything tasted good.  Now it's just the white sauce.
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I heard the Hilton across the street offered them $3 million to change their location from 53rd and 6th and they turned it down.
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