Obie Trice - Cheers

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Very underrated album..It would have been better if he would have cut the album down to 14-15 tracks but other than that it's 
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Originally Posted by Oskar Kokoshka

Average Man
Love how he started it out, had me
the first time I heard it.

Great Album
same here, theres only 2 songs on the whole album that i dont really like, great cd
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nice! as far as underrated, it was a platinum album .. so i dont think it was underrated .. but mos def appreciated .. midwest stand up
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Cheers went platinum?

But yes, DOPE *#$ ALBUM. LOVED IT. then again, all i listened to was Aftermath back then...
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"Grown man !!$%
That's how a #*@%+ get into clubs #*@%+
When I ain't got no ID
Flash my nuts on they !%!
They walk me right in"

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