Off white AirMax 90 Desert Ore (purchased from GOAT)

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  1. I have purchased a couple of pairs of Off-White x Nike collab. This time I bought the AirMax 90 Desert Ore size 7.5 M. I know Goat sends you shoes that are authenticated by experts but I believe something about the shoes I received are fakes.

    1. Structure looks off. I watched several videos of comparing reals and fakes, ankle part looks slightly low.

    2. Position of Nike swoosh.

    3. Position of Letters. Left shoe’s “1990” is way too low

    please comment and let me know what you guys think.

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  2. Please verify
  3. StudentDriver


    Oct 11, 2018
    These are authentic, they had a lot of variation.
    I don't see what you mean in your first point. they look correct to me. The position of the swoosh looks fine. The text placement on these will vary a lot, there really is no correct position.