***Offical Alice In Wonderland****

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Originally Posted by tim teufel

you will be disappointed.

Have you seen it?

Yeah...as much as I am a huge Tim Burton fan, he really has been a hit or miss. the last remake he did (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) was horrible....not to mention Planet of the Apes and that dreadful movie Mars Attack.
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reviews have been mixed, but mostly not good.
oh well.
still going to see it on saturday.....under the influence.
maybe that will help..

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there is a very good chance this movie will suck

the new willy wonka movie was the worst burton/depp movie ever made by far
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I was hyped.....

if its not that good, Ill just save some of this purple nice guy for later....
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welp every review says that the script is beyond trash. even the positive reviews. great
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Burton is my favorite director, but it's getting harder and harder to support his wack movies the last few years. This is Alice in Wonderland...yet the plot was linear and the movie made too much sense, if that makes sense

Helena Bonham Carter put on an AWESOME performance though. Visually, the movie was all there. Wonderland was definitely in full form. Sadly the plot didnt take any of that. It's not a horrible movie by any means...it just leaves much to be desired. It started off well, but quickly dropped off and never gained anymore steam.
I was expecting "Through the Looking Glass" but instead I got "Adventures in Wonderland."
oh well. Tron Legacy looks like its about to change the game though. I can't wait until that.
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