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Thought these were for real and wasn't even surprised. There's a team sitting around in Beaverton making bets during office shennanigans trying to come up with worse Neon type shoes but not the actual 95s. Probably because someone lost a previous bet. Then again, most of them probably care very little about these things and are just trying to get to the weekend like most of us corporate ants.
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I recommend trying to find a pair of the 2018 Solar Reds (AT2865-100). They have good materials and a better insole, just better overall comfort compared to previous releases. I would assume that the other "OG" builds that released since (Whites, Aluminums, Mints) have similar materials and insoles, but I can only speak on the Solars since I own those.

I definitely recommend going up a half size for 95s. IMO the toe box is just too curved and narrow. I wear a 14 in every other Air Max, but need 1/2 up (can only get 15s) in 95s.
I might take the solar reds, bro. But in regards to the. Color way, is the solar red more on the pink side?
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Somewhere between pretty standard and not good. The toebox is plasticky leather which makes them more uncomfortable than the Neons from 2015. This past years "OG" builds were much more comfortable.
That’s what I figured. You just saved me a few bucks with that info.
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Maybe a stupid question, but for an average recent Air Max 95 not new but in good condition, with box, what do you think is the interval of prices ? ( And for DS ones ? )

I'm thinking about maybe selling some of mine, and I need to collect different advices + the prices I would note on the several platforms in order to make an opinion ( even if any model has a different one... )

Need to keep only the ones I would wear the most. Like Cave Purple / Safari Black Hyper Punch...
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It's really about what a person is willing to pay for it, and how available the CW is.

Grab a few pairs and see what a DS pair is selling for on StockX or eBay, then price your used pair at about 75% of that.
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Thank you two, yes I think pairs are more affordable in US and UK than in Europe ( where I live )

Average price for a 95 here is 170 €...
If they are just generic GR pairs you maybe best just trying to sell them all to someone who runs a full time operation. Plenty of them on IG etc. You would probably get a bit less per pair but will save on having to do them all individually.
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