Official 2013 NBA Offseason Thread

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Riddle me this,

how can someone average 27 a game, over 24k points, 7 all nba selections, 11 asg's, 2 asg mvp's, a bronze medal, have the biggest cultural impact since Michael Jordan, won Roy, has one of the highest scoring averages in a final ever, and is 19 on the all time scoring list,

NOT be a 1st ballot HoF'er?
you forgot MVP lol, plus everyone who has been the MVP of the league is in the HOF


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you forgot MVP lol, plus everyone who has been the MVP of the league is in the HOF
Ha I definitely did :lol: that just validates my point even more. Saw an article that compared whether or not him and T-Mac were hall of famers. T-Mac? I can understand. A.I.? It's no question he's first ballot. His portfolio speaks for himself.
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really is remarkable seeing him live up to everything... & he still has so much time left
Not even trying to incite anything, but this among other things is why he can end up the greatest ever. Just look at what he's accomplished before his 29th birthday.
True, but at this rate idk. He also has yet to suffer a major injury. I'm not wishing injury on him but he's lucky in that regard.
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AI is def going to the HOF. There should be no knock against his on court resume, it's just his efficiency and off-court issues that make people think otherwise.

TMAC and VC are fringe HOF status IMO, compared to AI. They never won an MVP, which is pretty much the deciding factor for a player to be inducted in HOF. But, I hope they both go in eventually.
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D-Will but everyone will understand how good and how important Rondo is after this year.
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Similiar in what ways?

His ability to run the point (probably not)
His outside shooting (probably not)
His ball handling (probably not)
Passing ability (probably not)

but in your defense, they are both black, over 6'3, but under 6'6, and they both play basketball.

Great Scott! They both play basketball?? I did not know.
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Who has a better season Rajon Rondo or Deron Williams
I think Rondo. Deron's PPG will be lower than what he normally puts up b/c of all the players that he has to distribute for. Their assist number could be similar but Rondo will have better rebounding, steal, and block.
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Have you guys not seen the videos DWill has been posting on Instagram? He is in the best shape he has ever been. He can even do muscle ups now, I predict a huge season for him. This all started from last season's all star weekend he went on one of those weird detox diets and finally got a nutritionist for the first time in his career
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