Official 2016 NBA Playoffs Thread: Conference Finals: Warriors / Thunder | Cavs / Raptors

Who is going to win the NBA Championship?

  • Golden State Warriors

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  • San Antonio Spurs

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  • OKC Thunder

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  • Cleveland Cavaliers

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  • Toronto Raptors

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  • Miami Heat

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  • Other

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Clyde Frog

formerly jay02
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Warriors defense looking suspect once again this post season. Yeah, the Thunder are good but 72 points in a half is unacceptable when defense was supposedly a strong point of theres. Usually tell myself they'll step it up when it isnt the Blazers or when it matters most. But why not now then.
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GSW really have been getting away with above average defense since the AS break and that includes the playoffs thus far.

Your biggest issues bleed through at some point in the postseason
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