Official 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers Thread : Game 4

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I have no idea how we can’t hit off a bunch of bums. None of those starting pitchers are legit
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He hasn’t put up good numbers on short rest.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Counsell only uses Hader tomorrow in the bullpen. The way Chacin pitched here in LA.

Not looking good.
Chacin for 6 and Hader for 3, season over
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I have no idea how we can’t hit off a bunch of bums. None of those starting pitchers are legit
We’re talking about pitchers they have destroyed in the past.

I remember they absolutely destroyed Chacin for 8 runs once. Now, the Dodgers make him look like Greg Maddux in his prime.
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Turning 30 in January so that means I’ve had to put up with this my whole life :frown::smh::sick:

What a bummer today was.
Watched the top half of the 1st on my way in to work. Saw the Freese bomb as I pulled in. Go get changed, get to my tool box and they’re down 4-1. Said **** this, grabbed my fishing rod, went and practiced casting.

But gotta stay positive. It’s baseball, if you show you have a chance.
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I guess with the postseason beuhlers had, hes due? But i dunno, i feel like doc is f'n up again in a gm 7, like last year starting darvish over wood, by starting beuhler over hill. Hope im wrong tho kuz i hate being the cubs :smh:

Go Dodgers Go!
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Perfect scenario would be Buehler going 7 and Jansen going 2. And bats actually scoring more than 5 runs finally :smh:
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