Official 2019 Boxing Thread: 10/26 - Prograis vs. Taylor DAZN, Shakur Stevenson vs. Joet Gonzalez ESPN+

Who will be the winner of the Kovalev vs. Canelo fight?

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^ First thing I thought.

Who knows though, according to Ward...he left a 3 fight deal on the table that would’ve been tuneup, Bellew at CW, then Joshua.

Man, Canelo won’t get any credit for beating Kovalev. His biggest detractors will say Kovalev is past his prime.
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You're aware you can still get your *** beat and knocked out though right :lol:

But yeah, it's definitely fair to be annoyed that Oscar got the judges in his pocket. I didn't like the Lara or Trout decisions.
**** that draw vs pbf still rubs me the wrong way.

Gotta give props when due though, mans is fighting a legit opponent way out of his weight class.

Kinda annoys me that hes claiming he'll be a champion in 4 different weight classes if he wins. That lego belt you got from fielding dont count cabron :lol:
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good win for hunter over kuzmin, He said maybe he will fight Povetkin on the AJ vs Ruiz card, that would be a really good fight
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Fury has been dominating the last few rounds but man that cut is looking awful. Two more rounds to go.

Tony weeks is covered in blood :lol:
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Joe Tesssitore with his per the usual shot at Floyd about quality of fights and giving fans their money's worth....


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Pretty good night of fights. I couldn't get on NT cuz I was streaming on two devices at once lol. Can't post when you have to cast your screen off a stream site.

Fury showed a lotta guts tonight fighting through that cut. Davison nearly lost him that fight not knowing the ruling on it, though. Thought Tyson was gonna score the KO in 10 or 11, but then outta nowhere Wallin with that 12th. Hoo boy. Good scoring by the judges, though - cut and a couple of rounds aside, Fury dominated.

DAZN had a pretty good card today too. I think most of Mexico was in the ring at some point tonight :lol:
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