Official 2019 NYK offseason thread. Brooklyn knick fans check in

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Guise....I think we're going to make the playoffs :nerd:
I hope & i can see it. As fans we are tired of the losing so just imagine the effect is has on the players + young guys. People just think our guys gonna wake up one day and figure out how to win. Some playoff experience is definitely needed. **** tanking again
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No one will know if we won that KP trade till both picks convey or unless KP gets hurt again. So far we’re on the losing end since we struck out on everyone this summer.
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For me I’d rather have 2 extra 1sts, DSJ, Randle, Portis, Morris, Payton than KP, THJ and C Lee.
the team was going nowhere the past few years with those guys so midaswell switch it up...theres no big names on the roster but some solid players nonetheless... this looks like it can be a scrappy defensive team... i do want to see more ball movement instead of all this iso ball where guys just play like its a pickup game smh
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No one will know if we won that KP trade till both picks convey or unless KP gets hurt again. So far we’re on the losing end since we struck out on everyone this summer.
If Randle stays with the numbers he put up last season and improves a little on D and DSJ continues to improve, I think right there we won the trade. We wouldn’t have Randle without the trade and I’m not even including what Portis can turn into for us either.
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What’s all this talk about the Lakers being a top team in the west? Bron and AD have to play 80% of the season for that to happen. AD the only player in the league on a menstrul cycle. Bron is at the tail end of his career. He’s played over 10,000 NBA minutes. Unless they sign another scorer, they’d be lucky to make the playoffs.
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^ they look like a top 4 team at best... realistically i say they might be #6 in the west... i dont see how they are the favorite to win the chip either... AD is never healty and lebron is barely still in his prime... if this was 3 years ago lebron then yes they might be a favorite to win it all... i think the clippers have a better shot at winning it all if everyone is healthy though
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I love how everyone in Knicks nation wants to pretend like KP is washed all of a sudden. KP was a guy that could get you 30 points and 15 rebounds on a night to night basis towards the end of his actual run on the court. The guy basically turned the corner into superstar status prior to the ACL tear, doing this basically with one of the worst teams in the NBA. Now KP is going to be running with a generational talent beside him along with one of the best run organizations in the league. Lets not be delusional... those picks is going to be washed. Knicks could have handled that entire situation totally different and netted way more, but thats another story. Lets not pretend like KP Is/Wasnt an absolute stud on the court.
**** KP.
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He got a bigger contract this year so he already winning. 2 for 20 only beats 1 for 15 if you buying on the corner..
Facts. But he was also thinking long term. Why lock in for 2 years, when I could take this 1 year and go back into FA to get a better contract considering I play better
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