Official 2019 NYK offseason thread. Brooklyn knick fans check in

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Facts. But he was also thinking long term. Why lock in for 2 years, when I could take this 1 year and go back into FA to get a better contract considering I play better
Considering his age I feel like he's more of a veteran presence than someone who's gonna get a lot of minutes with the jam of bigs and youth the Knicks have..
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Morris getting significant playing time.
I'd hope not with all the youth this team has. Rather that be the focus. Knicks have 3 bigs (2of which just got signed) younger than 24 and it'd be a shame for them to ride pine for a 30 yr old playing for his next contract.
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Carmelo wasn’t perfect and he wasn’t Jordan, he had flaws but he was a part of one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen as a Knicks fan. He loved playing for the Knicks and it meant something. Wish things were different but oh well, I’ll always be a Carmelo fan. Need him to go to LA and win a ring.

Chauncey saying that is weak as ****.
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Gotta remember who Chauncey works for. Same network that wont even show the highlights when he played well but will make it a top story when he struggled.

Also is keeping it business as usual when winning but trying to pick up everyone when u lost really a bad thing?
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Bc the same people complain that no one wants to come here, when he was the ONLY ONE that did. Then complain that we sign good role players. Always complaining like a bunch of females.
He forced a trade here, took half our team/assets to Denver, all the while he could have just waited 4 months until he was a free agent to sign here. That trade set us back years. Oh and btw Amare was one who came here first during FA. He’s the one who came without ruining half our teams

Nice job at changing and trying to justify the love story y’all have with Melo. It’s pathetic. And the fact y’all even thought he had a shot to sign with a team is an even bigger joke. He’s been a FA since November. Y’all want to kill Chauncey for so his objective opinion (which wasn’t even that bad, other GM’s think way worse of Melo) fine. But whose the female here, really?
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Its understandable why Knick fans value Melo as a player. We had a great season with him and he genuinely wanted to be here. Got ****ted on by Phil, but kept it 100 and professional during his entire Knick tenure.

It’s also understandable why no team wants him. Why he failed miserably on every team he was on after the Knicks. And why he’s contemplating retirement already. His ego combined with how washed he became was a terrible combination. There was no sacrifice for the team and that’s what u have to do to stick around.

He didn’t get the short end of the stick. He played out his career the way he wanted and was in control of pretty much every career move he made. I look at his career similar to Vince Carter’s, except Vince knew what to do to stick around. Melos ego was way too big for him to stick around that’s why his career took a sharp fall after peaking.
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And most of y’all fell in love with the fraud that is Melo. :sick:

Most overrated player of this millennium
I'm convinced that unless the player is white, preferably European, they are bums in your eyes. Bet you have a Andrea Bargnani in your closet.
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Bruh...whenever I say anything bad about Melo, I swear some people in here be ready to take my life :lol:

People really love Melo in here. Which is cool...but he just wasn't it imo
It's hilarious how much people defend Melo and how little he cared. Like dude was always super happy here playing his way and losing. He loved it. He asked for it, got it, and re-upped and stayed happy. He wanted to live in NYC, get paid big and play his way. Not get asked to pass the ball or adapt his game, set screens or be a leader or play defense just iso and jab step and put up stats until he got old. He didn't want to be great or win big.

People talk about how bad they feel for him it's hilarious :lol:.

And then he got lucky enough to get traded to two perfect situations and he was like "Nahhh this is not really what I want, I'm indifferent to winning but can I play my game again?". I think the funniest thing is Melo has been mad clear about his intentions his whole career but people still try to project on him.
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