Official 2019 NYK offseason thread. Brooklyn knick fans check in

Joined Jan 1, 2014
To have OKC, Portland and Boston playing on MLK day, and not us is kind of insulting to me. But that’s just me. Maybe I’m looking to much into it.
Joined Apr 14, 2016
Look at how many national TV games the Pelicans have :sick:

All those games aren’t gonna make people care about NO basketball

Joined Dec 25, 2003
So we not even playing on MLK day either?!? The league is officially done with us! :lol:
At least I wont have to watch those clips of players repeating how much MLK meant to them for the 27th year in a row.

No disrespect to MLK of course, but how many times am I going to listen to how much of an impact MLK had from Lance Thomas and Malik Rose?:lol:
Joined Jul 21, 2012
AD was top 5 in skill and bottom 5 in hype. Zion was a top 5 player in the league while he was in college and has all the hype :rofl:
Joined Jul 13, 2005
Since we actually have rotational NBA players now, what would our record have to be to stop giving Fiz a pass?
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