Official 2019 OFFSEASON New York Yankees Thread: COLE OR STRAUS

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I disagree.

Also Gary gets on base at a better clip

Romine had a great 9 games. And when Gary is out he does a good job. But he’s in no way anywhere close to the player Gary is, really anywhere.
You can argue Romine gets on base more and is better defensively.

Obviously Gary has way more power but he swings at garbage every game and is always trying to hit a bomb. I wish he would relax and just try to get on base.

I'm not saying bench Gary for him but it's interesting to compare the two.
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It’s really ridiculous that we have this argument every year about Gary vs. Romine.

Before Romine took over for Gary due to injury. Romine had played 38 games.

.237/.256/.322 2HR 17RBI 3BB 27Ks. Even with this great stretch his OPS+ is 89.

Gary even with his horrific slump has a 112 OPS+, and that’s with a 40 game stretch of hitting like .190.

Passed balls are such a wildly inefficient way to measure defense. Even then with 200 more innings as catcher Gary only has 2 more passed balls.
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Urshela is a mad man

His exit velo & other peripherals have been consistent all season so this isn't a fluke. He's legit.
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Andujar is going to have to be our super utility man if he isn’t traded. He’s def going to needs reps at 1st too.
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I hope they don’t catch Gio juicing until after the World Series.
Hate to be the downer here but i said the same thing when he started smackin these balls. Sad that u just hope this is legit but thats baseball nowadays. Dude is turning into a monster tho, unreal....
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Pretty sad we are not 1.

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