OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: LaMarcus Aldridge Retires from NBA

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he guards the 1-5 on a nightly basis

he aint just parked in the paint either, hell guard the perimeter

hes top 2 right now maybe 3 to some

rudy being -250 favorite obviously says hes the #1 but that can change any given night
Ben put 42 on his head and Jokic put 50

Embiid got the game Wednesday circled


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Is that just something going around on heat message boards? How wasn’t that announced that he was selected?


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Is that just something going around on heat message boards? How wasn’t that announced that he was selected?
I was being somewhat sarcastic because I love his folk tales and that’s the latest. Like the rest of them, I have no idea :lol:
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:rofl:you believed that?

what's wrong with you man? :lol::smh:
That Jimmy Butler **** has gotten traction too. He played 8 games for a woefully disappointing team by Feb 1.

And people think he turned down an All Star game lol. Like I really be seeing people online and in real life saying Jimmy turned down his All star spot. He “real” smh
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Someone mentioned PG has only played in 22 of those 38 minutes and we all know its #PGsteam. I’m not surprised that Kawhi has struggled without his batman :smh:


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:rofl:you believed that?

what's wrong with you man? :lol::smh:
Cmon man. I was posting that as sarcasm. I post and/or comment on all of his folk tales. Literally here’s my previous post from Saturday on this exact topic.

Who the hell is in charge of Jimmy Butler’s PR? They are GOAT level. The folk tales are LEGENDARY.
EYE know you can’t believe anything about Jimmy Butler outside of his production on the court. This man said he faxed his letter of intent from 2007/2008 when Kinkos was in its prime, Staples was still relevant and he was attending a higher learning institution that more than likely had MULTIPLE fax machines. But nah, he had to go the local Mickey D’S :smh: :lol:
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That’s the part that annoys me. Danny on Duncd on started watching basketball in like 2013. He’s 30+. But speaks like he has the authority/history on the game at times. Never hooped etc. Can be dismissive of previous eras, and have hard ons for the next European superstar :lol:.

What started out as a social media hobby for these cats turned some of them into capatilst authority figures, and 9/10....its white dudes who give other white dudes like them a platform from the same socio-economic background and privilege.

These guys get most of what analytics/good basketball is correct. I admire the leap they took in this career path. But I do be thrown off by the tone sometimes tho. And can see how that’s off putting to other more traditional basketball people. Some of that, is people being close minded, and not wanting to learn etc. so it’s a mix.
Sports fans who've never played sports are usually insecure about it and compensate by reading/writing encyclopedias and blogs to make the game seem overcomplicated (ie since the game is so difficult for them to play it must be highly complex). Basketball and most sports are incredibly simple games that come down to basic concepts. The game can be made to seem highly technical but even those concepts are easy to grasp except by a certain demographic that wants to portray themselves as impressive for focusing on these convuleted aspects of the sport. Hence why most bloggers are uncoordinated, unathletic etc. It's almost like the stock market. You can learn fibonacci sequences, chart patterns etc and those things certainly are valid and have their place but at the end of the day it boils down to BUY LOW SELL HIGH and that's how you get your money.
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Hold on.....

Man came in the thread ASKING for someone to argue about Ben Simmons with him. And y'all just did it?

pizzo: someone start a Ben Simmons discussion
y'all: okay, he can't shoot
pizzo: he plays defense
y'all: 16/8/8
pizzo: he passes well
y'all: lolololol croc rondo
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