OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Season Thread: Russell Westbrook Becomes the Triple Double King

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A real paradox. Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde stuff.
Which is what makes his game last night so great. Did everything and only shot 8 times. Amazing the results you can get when they guy who runs the team doesn't take awful shots. Resulted in good looks for his teammates. Think everyone aside from Brad was over 50 percent.
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No problem with Westbrook. He is who he is. But I don’t assume he’s playing harder than everyone else because he stuffs the stat sheet.

Really his playmaking is probably his most undervalued asset
He's a very good passer, and the best rebounding guard ever. He can't shoot at all, but if he just sticks to what he's actually good at, he can still be really effective. If the Wizards had one more actual piece, he'd be perfect just taking like 12 shots a game. Since they don't though, he ends up taking WAY more shots than he should. at times Sometimes you get 17-30 like we saw against Dallas, other times you get 9-26 like we saw against San Antonio.
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