Official 76ers 2009 Offseason Thread

May 25, 2007
It was a good run in the playoffs, I have no one else to blame but the Sixers themselves.

Losing consecutive games at the end of the season and basically screwing themselves from making it to the 2nd round.

Nobody showed up in game 6 and they basically threw in the towel since tip off.

Ed has to make some moves this season, he has to see we can not win or even make it past the 1st round with the same squad.

In Other news
[h1]Miller, Ratliff skip meeting[/h1]

By: Tom Moore

Andre Miller and Theo Ratliff were no-shows at the Sixers' final team meeting Friday afternoon.

Miller, who is making $10 million this season, becomes an unrestricted free agent July 1. The veteran point guard averaged 21.3 points in the Sixers' six-game playoff loss to the Magic.

Asked if he wants to be back after Thursday's 25-point clinching defeat, "I'm not going to talk about that right now. It's a bad way to end the year. We'll see what happens."

Ratliff, who signed a one-year deal for the veterans' minimum, was critical of Sixers coach Tony DiLeo for not getting angry at the players during Thursday's listless performance.

"The coaches are responsible for guys (being) prepared and playing," said Ratliff, who played five minutes in Game 6. "They need to hold guys accountable."

Someone should be listening to what Ratliff said and seems like Miller is long gone next season. I like what he brings on the offensive end but his defense ishorrid, letting Skip school you is just unacceptable.
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