Official 9/11 10 Year Anniversary Thread

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I remember exactly what i was doing on that day i was suppose to be in school but i just stayed at home watching it on CNN. RIP to all those who died on that tragic day. Post your thoughts.
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I'm pretty sure everyone remembers exactly wher they were and what they were doing on that day.

RIP to all those 3k+ that passed away.
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I only get emotional and teary eyed one day per year. It's this day, rip to all those who died on that day.
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I was a freshmen in high school and was just getting ready to leave second period American Government when the teacher turned the television on. Not long after we heard a teacher in the hallway screaming crying. Apparently one of her children worked in the towers. I believe they ended up being ok, though. I stayed the whole rest of the day. I think half the school left.


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Originally Posted by frostythepoptart

The date is 9/9/11 you damn idiots.

The terrorist attacks took place on 9/11/01

wow, i always thought it was on 9/21/01. So so so sorry.
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Originally Posted by frostythepoptart

The date is 9/9/11 you damn idiots.

The terrorist attacks took place on 9/11/01

I could have sworn it was in 2006, though. Right? 2004 at the earliest.
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Hopefully this doesn't turn into idiots bashing the govt and saying it was an inside job.

RIP to all, part that got me the most was when people started jumping out the window out of desperation.
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Remember being in I think 8th grade smh teacher switched it off the tv with a quickness and we heard it on the radio. Only time ever going home early. Worst memory was watching the people jumping out the window I'll never forget that my mom being angry at the tv station showing people last moment like that
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I remember being in elementary school and seriously thinking the world was end from the reaction on my mom's face.

I still remember it like it was yesterday
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Yesterday on the news, they played some recording from each plane. There were so many recordings from other planes, towers and even TERRORIST. One of them said, EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET. WE HAVE A BOMB". Another one had another terrorist saying, "THE PILOT AND STEWARDESS HAVE BEEN STABBED". Then of course they have a recording of people saying the planes have hit the twin towers. There were other recordings by people on the plane. The families to those people have wished for those recordings to stay private.
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damn who wouldve thought that would ever happen to us so close to home.

rip to those who lost there lives.

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
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I think I was a sophmore at newtown h.s. at the time.

I remember people rushing to one side of the building looking into the city and we saw the 2nd tower collapse.

Crazy day...left h.s. early...didn't know @*# was going on...worried about my sis who worked in the city...found out she had to walk across the 59th street bridge with countless others.

I could smell the smoke all the way out here in queens.
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I remember Killarmy's song "Feel It" just coming out and it became the theme for that whole tragedy. I listened to the instrumental on repeat for days and days. It's wild we lived through that.
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i was in french class when i heard the commotion from the hall, i remember looking at the clock the two times the planes hit. not until pe did my coach tell me 2 planes hit the WTC. i did not know what the WTC was until that day. i knew it by sight (movies, tv, etc.), not by name.
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I was in 5th grade when it happened. My teacher's husband worked in the south tower I believe but thankfully he was in the lobby or like wasn't in the building at the time. I remember she ran down the hall and started screaming we all thought her husband died..turns out he came to the school.
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Originally Posted by DwyaneWadeOG

I can't tell if you guys are joking about not knowing the date...


September 11, 2001
What's wrong with making the thread 2 days early? News has been talking about it for the past week. Gives us the whole weekend to talk about it/reflect.
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RIP to all victims during that day.

I know one person that probably hates what they did that day.. my French teacher (10th grade), she was completely oblivious to the day's events and went on teaching as normal. Probably because she doesn't socialize with other faculty, or ever have a television on during off-periods. SMH. She apologized so badly the next day.
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