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I was going to get the ZV10 Flyknit Men’s or Women’s for a decent price compared to retail, but my size are all sold out!
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Any word on Kiwi ATC IVs ever coming back out? Had the OG as a kid and the low retro about 20 years ago, but both pairs are long destroyed. The kiwis are one of the best Agassis ever. What's the hold up?


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I'm sure like many of you, I passed on the 2015 release of the black denim ATC3 because it wasn't released like the sample. It had no volt on it. Then in 2018 Jordan brand released the Levi's Jordan 4 and everyone started customizing them.

Shortly after that release it occurred to me that the black denim ATC3 could be customized yet no one did. The official color way is Black/Anthracite/White so its a nice base to start from and of course it matches Agassi's denim shorts from back in the day. So, last year I located a size 12 but didn't find another since the release was so long ago. Fast forward to 2019 and I just found a 12.5 and a size 8 on eBay. I got the size 8 for cheap so I decided to make it the test mule. Keep in mind this is all a test so Im not taping off lines when I paint. Im purely just exploring what happens when you put bleach and paint on the denim.

I used a paper towel and dabbed bleach on the AA starting just above the air bag and moved up to the front of the shoe. Black dyes are red based so here you see a reddish/rust beginning to show up. On the front of the shoe I poured diluted bleach on the upper, rinsed it off and sat it in the sun. I assume it will lighten more if I continue that process again. Flat black Angelus paint around the air bag. Looks like there is a pencil mark where the midsole meets the upper as used for construction. I like how the stitching remained black.


The first thing I did before bleach was try Angelus paint (Volt) on the denim and around the air bag. I didn't care for how it looked on the denim as I didn't add GAC fabric medium to it. Volt looked great around the black air bag however. (See small pic) You can see remnants of the volt around the air bag and the back part of the A. So on this side I did a diluted watered down Black Angelus paint to make it act more like a dye and applied that to the AA on the upper. I really like the subtle look and reminds me of the black Limited Edition pair I posted a couple pages back. I also tested what it would look like with white strips by the laces. I did this by cutting a white post-it note to get the idea. Again also just exploring color blocking by using electrical tape on the midsole just to see what works and what doesn't. I think a hit of Hot Lava or Hot Lime (Volt) would look great on the stripes by the laces. Maybe even the little guard on the tip of the toe. Something to try for later.




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