Official Aime Leon Dore Thread

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Bronson just posted him wearing a crispy pair of the blue 550s, I’m guessing we’re getting a restock.

I doubt it. Prob just from old stock ALD kept. Bronson just did that photo shoot for them so Teddy prob hit him off.

We know these companies be keeping a stash from their releases/collabs.
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ALD isn't the IYKYK cool guy secret club people want to act like it was anymore. They make cool stuff but the only exclusive thing about it is the price point. People gotta make peace with that or find something else to scratch that itch.
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Bronson just posted him wearing a crispy pair of the blue 550s, I’m guessing we’re getting a restock.
Looks like he wore green today, and Hidden.ny received the green, navy, and grey pairs. At this point it wouldn’t shock me if we get a restock, but I’m still a little surprised. Why this model, why not the made in pairs from before, and why now? My guess is that the 550 is being claimed by ALD to be released every season, which it has been doing. To compare, they release loafers each season, with some colorways making a coming back here and there. This would be the 550 equivalent. Perhaps not only do we receive the 993s, but we also receive the suede 550s along with a restock of the OG wave.
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Cheaper than Made in US shoes. A lot easier for someone to fork over $100 versus $200.

Also I'd imagine NB US factory only has so much capacity. Their factory overseas can probably handle the additional work and/or can scale up much more easily.

550 also passes off as a lifestyle shoe easier than a running shoe imo.
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It seems very on brand to drop the core colors every season and sprinkle in some new colors/materials occasionally. They are doing what they can to fight the hype, just like previous preorders. As I get older and care less and less about exclusivity, the more I appreciate stuff like this.
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