Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

Best colorway?

  • Black/Red

    Votes: 863 46.3%
  • Royal

    Votes: 276 14.8%
  • Chicago

    Votes: 302 16.2%
  • Shadow

    Votes: 142 7.6%
  • Black Toe

    Votes: 194 10.4%
  • UNC

    Votes: 55 3.0%
  • Kentucky

    Votes: 17 0.9%
  • Neutral Grey

    Votes: 15 0.8%

  • Total voters
Joined Nov 22, 2013
Liked the overlay paper and presentation ... from the slew of patent leather 1s I have DSMs > gold toes > obsidian UNCs > UNC-to-CHIs > SBB 3.0s.
(And yes if I had OG black/gold it would top my list)
I really dig these personally. Nike charged me but the order didn’t go through.
My 9.5 resell is pretty low so maybe I’ll pick them up for Christmas or something.
Joined Oct 28, 2013
WSS ? And what size do they have in the SBB 3.0 ?
WSS is a large sneaker store chain. It was in Los Angeles and the sizes were 6 and up for the SSB 3.0 and for the Fearless it was 8 and up left on release date. Surprised to see so many pairs left. Then again the area wasn't the greatest. A couple of resellers came in afterwards and bought the good sizes up.


formerly j o 19
Joined Oct 1, 2004
LA to Chi is still so fire. Just realized I wore those and the NY pair this year.. both were fun af to wear and took my LA's with me to JA for my summer trip. :nthat:
Joined May 20, 2019
One more thing I noticed about Vietnam vs China made pairs... my Vietnam (Phantoms) pair is slightly higher cut than my other pairs that are China made
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