Official Air Jordan 11 Retro "Bred" - The aftermath.... No Buying/Selling/Trading

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Talked to my local FNL connect yesterday, who told me that he had 5 pair from the Draft that were never picked up (we had a Blizzard on RD), and nobody was lined up at 10am to buy them haha. Employees gobbled them up at 10am for people they knew wanted them. I didn't buy any of the leftovers, as I already had 2 pair. The only reason I brought this up, is I'm willing to bet a ton of people came up off FNL in-store at the 10am deadline :smokin
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My FNL pair out for delivery. Little doggie waiting for his master by the window mode.
I gotta BigUp my wife's online shopping skills for the relationship we have built with our UPS drivers haha... they come to our house so much throughout the year that when my shoes come I know I never have to worry about where dude is gonna put them, or if he's gonna take them to the post office etc... He always takes our packages to the back door, out of sight, and where our CC cameras record everything (they record the front too).
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Just received my pair from SIZE?
Delivered by USPS
No custom fees
No double box just plastic bag :smh:
Box pretty beat up
same here. box is beat up... plastic red cover is all cracked... but im just glad the shoes came out fine
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So, do guys set your price basically the same as everyone elses? Or are u just out to make $$$ off those who missed out.....because u "did ur homework"?
Seems like most folks just tryin to get over...not knockin u guys, jus sayin.
I'll keep bein patient before I pay OG prices.
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Idk how ya even get close to copping on NBAStore... I never know when they drop their releases
I know, right.... I saw the 11s when they came up and all the sizes were there but kept getting an error adding to cart.I do know that NBA store has a pretty good inventory system.. never seen anyone on here complain of a cancellation...
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I know, right.... I saw the 11s when they came up and all the sizes were there but kept getting an error adding to cart.I do know that NBA store has a pretty good inventory system.. never seen anyone on here complain of a cancellation...
Their inventory system is superior to anyone's online.

I went back for a second pair, had them in my cart but messed up because I was entering a different card from my first order, couldn't risk the chance of getting both orders canceled if i used with one card.
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Oh yea..and beware of these scammers out here fams.
Ex: I ventured to the other site's marketplace, saw a dude who had these in different sz. I hit him up, he hit back promptly...askin if I got paypal. I hit back like yea, verified...then I asked for tagged pics............*poof*
Same thing happened on IG.
Just be careful NT
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thanks for the info. Don't get me wrong I still love my jams. But that icy sole is starting to get a little yellow. It's to the point where I'm scared to rock them due to the chance that it might speed up the yellowing process and I rock my jays. That's why I kinda what the Breds so I can get more wear out of it for years to come. I had a offer for my jams for some Breds with $50 cash but couldn't pull the trigger and make the deal :smh:
Be proud of the yellowing, Alot of sneaker heads would admire you more if you wear it out like that, If anyone talk smack and say how ugly the yellowing is, You just found a hype beast and you should expose him or her for there stupidness but don't trade or sell em, follow you first instinct when you couldn't trade the jams for the Breds
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Yes, if you chose the cheapest shipping method with FinishLine, then your package will start with UPS and be delivered by USPS.
Did not know this was FNL method. havent received packages from them in awhile, anyone know more or less when this process started? hopefully all goes smooth as im expecting 1 today.
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It's all fun guys. I won't ruin my $200 shoe of course. :lol:
I just remember this thing started a few years back with
the Grinches stepping on the Cool Greys. Then last year.
Haven't seen one this year so I made one... Been balling
on my Playoffs so it's no biggie. Got some scruffs and creases
on the patent already anyway.

I love how good one can look on court with these XIs... pure money. :smokin :smokin :smokin :smokin :smokin :smokin

Balling in Jordans? Brings back some memories. I could never bring myself to do it these days. Most modern retros aren't suitable for hooping IMO. Tons of better performing, more comfortable shoes out there. It does look good though.
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sorry to hear fam.... i know I like my boxes in nice condition (Afterall we are paying $200 for the shoe)........
true. i keep most of my shoes in its original box and most of my boxes are in good shape. but honestly with the quality control and how hard these were to come by. im just glad the actual shoes are good.
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i dont wanna post the link but theres a pair of breds on ebay marked as  replicas going for 260 and there is  people still bidding ,concord box everything ,hype for these shoes off the charts !
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I got 2 pairs of concords last year specifically to beat one to the ground and ball in but I'm scared they'll fall apart as soon as I step foot on the court :lol:
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FNL brought one pair yest.. the other size should be here today.. glad I got one .5 size up because they feel a bit tight imo
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