Official Air Jordan 11 Retro "Bred" - The aftermath.... No Buying/Selling/Trading

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They be on the up-and-up!!!!


You know at the apartment complex your mailbox should have separate boxes for packages only and they leave the key to that box in your mailbox.

Now just waiting on my bentley Ellis IX and my Air Max 95 OG to come in. Nike killed me in december :smh:
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For those who ordered off of OS and got hit with a $70+ custom fee how many pairs did you guys order..?

I only got hit with a $16.89 from Caliroots and they were both the same price..
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Just got my second pair from sole heaven , fresh double box no prob. $25 customs fee. I rock a 9 but keeping them for watever happens.

This picture is for the real mans.

Love em can't believe 1000$ price now adays....
Real men? Lol on your mom's throw rug
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Just received my pair from SH. Really grateful that I got a pair. My only (small) gripe is that the "23" on my right shoe is somewhat crooked. Anyone else run into this problem?
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Can't wait to wear mine. Glad I doubled up. I see you got the GMP sitting fresh. Haven't broke mines out yet but the VIs should look great come warmer weather.
I actually sold the GMP shoes. I just never got rid of the box for some reason haha


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Just got my pair from NDC. These look 

Waiting for my other pair from SNS which should be here on Wednesday.
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Sns didn't double box but they did put a cardboard wrap around it.
My last few pairs from SNS had that exactly cardboard wrap aswell. I'm guessin that's their new shipping method and I prefer it over the shoes being double boxed because when it's double boxed shoe box sometimes come out damaged. Still waitin on my SNS pair of the 11s to arrive though should be in on wednesday.


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just looked at my CGs, SJs, and Concords.. i need these for the set, dammit :smh:
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