Official Air Jordan 13 Retro Thread

Joined Jan 2, 2010
What can be done for squeaking tongues?

My white/reds, Altitudes, and the white/grey lows all squeak horribly because of the leather tongue rubbing against the interior eyelet stays.

It makes me not wear them.

The black/reds are fine because of suede tongues.
I wore my Flint's last weekend and forgot how loud them joints be squeaking :lol:
Joined Oct 4, 2014
Got the AG 13s for 106$ plus 3% cash back on my credit card. They are slightly crispy definitely worth the price you will get a few stares to cover the cost.
Joined Aug 3, 2013
Man them Lakers 13s are so clean. I’m in for $150 but if they look like they’re selling out i’ll Pay full retail cuz I don’t really want to miss those
Joined Jan 18, 2006
I hate being a size 15. I will secure my pairs for retail but if I can catch a discount later I will jump on them.


Joined May 11, 2019
Sooo are the atmospheres long gone? I knew I should've copped during the memorial day sale.
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