Official Air Jordan 13 Retro Thread

Aug 10, 2012

So I compared my Brave Blue(navy) 13s from last year to the ‘23 Playoff 13s… though the differences are minor, they are significant, considering the two are only a year or so apart. It’s mainly the toebox area. Not sure if it’s because of the different material used for the upper(3M vs leather) but the stitching on the Navy’s right there under the Jordan toebox tag is much tighter than on the 2023, taking away from the bulk in that area. Toebox on Navy’s is slimmer and pointy.

I’m not a true reviewer or dissector so…just at work bored lol

What was the energy like for these on NT? Always wanted this colorway(though not exact) as a high! They were a must for me.

Not the best pics, but hope you can see some of the differences

Thanks for taking time to compare and share pictures. I didn't care for those Navy/Black mid XIII since I didn't care for the low top version originally released back in 1998.

It's cool how the 2023 Playoffs XIII look so much better than the Navy/Black XIII in those photos. The Playoffs XIII had more bulk to them, whereas the Navy/Black XIII had a shrunken size to them.
Aug 10, 2012
It looks like the release date for the Wheat XIII has now changed to December 26, 2023 according to this one.
Aug 9, 2014
Those Black Flints are beautiful. REALLY struggling to resist copping those cause I’m on a strict og only policy, lol.
To each their own, but I’m not down with OG only policy. Sometimes OGs are a must have… other times they’re like an old girlfriend. Had a lot of good times running thru em over and over and can keep those good memories. But rather have something new and fresh.
Jan 2, 2023
Certainly understandable. The main reason I’m doing it is to keep my collection manageable. My rotation is already pretty big, and it’s not like I have as many as some people here. I’m at something like 70-80 pairs I think.

I was somehow able to resist copping the Uni Blue 5’s, but these are harder. I’m a sucker for white/black, white/red, black/red Jordans and these just work so good. Better than the red flints imo (which are nice) and very close if not equal to the original flints. I may end up giving in we’ll see lol.
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