**Official Air Jordan 8 Retro LS Navy/Peapod post**

Dec 14, 1999
09/29/2007 Air Jordan 8 Retro LS
316324-481 Midnight Navy/Pea Pod-Orange Blaze
*Limited Release to all NIKETOWN'S & Urban Accounts

Like always, please continue any and all discussion related to these shoes within this thread.

Also, for those that need a reminder, there is NO BUYING, SELLING or TRADING in this post. You can and will be banned for attempting it. The place for that is in the buy/sell forums...Do it here, and you'll find a quick exit to ISS.
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thanks for this thread! Sorry for the one I made, i just assumed you guys weren't gonna make one.

Anyways, these are copped. So niiice. :pimp:
My question is, do the online sites know something we don't because when I first started seeing on-line sites with these, they were about $20 over retail and that included shipping and now these cost about as much as the aquas so do you all think the public really likes these although it seems like the majority of NT doesn't? I personally like them because I think they will go great with my Bears gear but I still question JB's decision to make these.
probably wasn't gonna before your post/recent events
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i don't know but i will be there when mashikos in Miami opens so that i can cop these. these actually grew on me i had to look at them a couple of times but these actually are really nice
im gonna have to say no thanks to these ones. i'll be set with my aquas and playoffs
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All I hear is some crickets chirpping......

Looks like Steve Nash to me!.

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i might cop...If i can walk into a store at 4 p.m and getem for retail. Not worth waiting in line for, but its a nice colorway, and i love the 8s
I like theses 8s. Why so much hate though? Some of y'all that are passing are gonna regret it later.
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I wouldn't mind copping if they sold for less than retail...and probably they are...so I'll just wait and see. :smokin

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This is one of those colorways that I look at and simply say "What the hell was JB thinking when they came up with this colorway?!".................I'll pass.
i copped both aquas but i want these 2. still contemplating

all the newbies and hypebeast should go to sole heads
I like these joints, I think they're pretty hot. They'll look real fly with a fresh illini jersey too. If my bread is right by Saturday morning I will definitely be copping (Me and my cuz).

These will fit nicely in the collection with my chrome's and recently copped Aquas. White/Silver joints and Playoffs and I'll be set for 07'.

Just curious, If people think they're ugly and not worth a post why click on the post and leave a reply? Save your time and energy and leave this post for those who like em' and are willing to cop.

To all the folks in the "7-cities" in VA...
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Just curious, If people think they're ugly and not worth a post why click on the post and leave a reply?

Dream Team of MD/DC/VA - TRUTH hurts, doesn't it?
'TeePeso,' 'Ryan8478,' DCShoeDon,' 'JaywhYeNeX,' 'Importking,' 'DCshoechick,' 'Scott Scotch,' 'rudolph1996,' '7hillz'​
Will prolly scoop up a pair on eastbay..since i don't wanna pay over retail..
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I think imma copp. I got both aquas wit a discount so I got extra dough I think imma jus splurge and copp the 8s is my fav jordan and I like the fitteds for these. plus I'm puttin up both aquas till next year.

I was lucky to get these for retail plus shipping to my house 2 weeks ago. I was at college when they arrived and I finally saw them this weekend. I also got the Aquas this weekend with my discount. After having both of these shoes on, the only thing I can say is that the Peapods absolutely destroy the Aquas.

The colorway is crazy and I love it. The shoe looks incredibly ill on your foot. I love being different, so while everyone is beating their Aquas to the ground, these will turn a couple heads. When I first bought them, I said to myself, why the hell did I just buy these ugly things? They look terrible. After seeing them in person and on my foot, all I can say is that these could be one of my top 5 all time favorite shoes.

So for all the people hatin', let them keep hatin'. These shoes are hard without a doubt. I'm gonna go as far as these saying these might be the second hardest VIII coming out this year. Let the people on here sit on these shoes. One day, people will want these. I'm glad I got mine. It was a well spent $165.

If anyone has any questions on them, just ask me. The stiching is actually white. I thought it was going to be peapod. Like people have mention previously, the tongue is suede. I actually prefer the tongue on them though because it just sticks straight up. Here's a lil pic.....

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